My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Cichon - “I'll dig deep and remember how Earle Everett would have done it. Earl probably would have had the bout sheets put together by now. I'm going to try hard and make this tournament the way it used to be. I think eventually I can make it a huge success.”
 Paul Cichon - “Let me do my job and I think we'll be fine. I don't see him coming down and trying to rule the boxing program.”
 Paul Cichon - “Matt is a loyal young man. I told him to bring back what he learned and we'll work on it. I told him not to be afraid of hurting my feelings. One of the great things about boxing is no one knows everything. I'm really happy for him. He is right on track.”
 M. L. Cichon - “Many people fail because they conclude that fundamentals do not apply in their case.”