My Favorite Quotes
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 Ottavio Cinquanta - “I am absolutely convinced the ISU has done an excellent job in promoting, developing and implementing the new system. Now we ask the skater for more. They give us more and we have to give them back more.”
 Ottavio Cinquanta - “We may change the number of points available, the evaluation and so on. But the structure is OK, it works. It doesn't mean we cannot improve. Like a Renault or Ferrari keep improving their cars, we will do that too.”
 Ottavio Cinquanta - “In this very moment, it is not the best time to spend money. But we are trying to offer this to encourage the desire of the skaters and the necessity of some skaters (who) need the money to practice and train. So this is in that spirit.”
 Ottavio Cinquanta - “Like Korea, Italy is a country where summer sports are much more popular than winter sports.”
 Ottavio Cinquanta - “We are supported by the opinion of the majority of the skaters and the judges. In Salt Lake City, we were stimulated enough to pay attention, make the analysis of the situation.”
 Ottavio Cinquanta - “I couldn't find any other reasons but perfect preparation of Korea Skating Union for the achievement.”