My Favorite Quotes
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 Josh Ciocco - “That frigging kid Greg Moore it seems like every time he was on the ice and touched the puck he was throwing it on net and stuff was happening.”
 John Panciocco - “I think that this title is really a testament to the boys' character and what they bring to the game -- the intangibles, the desire to win. It's almost a code of honor that they have to give 100 percent every singe game, and nothing else is acceptable to them. They're a remarkable bunch of guys.”
 John Panciocco - “To me, that win wasn't so much based on talent, but on the heart and guts of the kids. Especially where we had to come from behind and had to deal with that. With all of that emotion, to pull out that win I think says a lot about those kids, about who they are as people. I'm very proud of them right now.”
 Josh Ciocco - “We know what we did was wrong and we cost our team a game (Friday) night. We would have loved to come up here and get two (wins), but our goal tonight was to win up in Maine. We havent done that in six years, so were pretty happy right now. I dont want to say we going to go out and celebrate, though.”
 John Panciocco - “We were walking into the rink on the second day of tryouts and he told me just before we went on the ice. It was one of those moments when everything freezes and the world just seems to be spinning around you.”
 Josh Ciocco - “I had a step on their goalie because he was trying to make a save. Were excited to be playing at home. Our seniors wanted to play a couple more games here.”
 Josh Ciocco - “Ultimately, the seven of us felt responsible for that loss. After the game, you could tell by the way the coaches were acting toward us that they knew we were responsible for that loss. We had to win Saturday. There was no way about it. That was a championship game for us. We absolutely had to win that game.”
 Josh Ciocco - “This whole game, you were on the edge of your seat. We were up 5-1 and every guy on our bench knew that game wasn't over. When they scored that second goal there were eight minutes left, and that was probably one of the longest eight minutes of my college career.”
 John Panciocco - “(O'Rourke) has been playing very well for us. I think we hung with them pretty well considering the size difference. They're a big club. It's nice to come away with a win, but it was a good game overall. Hopefully going down the stretch, playing teams like Walpole helps expose our weaknesses and reinforces things we do well.”
 Josh Ciocco - “We have good chemistry off the ice, hopefully that will translate on the ice. Having him back in the lineup obviously helps.”