My Favorite Quotes
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 Floyd Ciruli - “They have the money. That's the key. They would only do this if they feel they can draw on nearly unlimited resources. In this state's political history, this is entirely new territory.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “You can get a nomination and the individual winning is unacceptable to a large faction of the party. That's a problem.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “The lay of the land appears very amenable to close, hard-fought campaigns.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “The last decade was dominated by Bill Owens. The Owens era is ending because of term limits.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “He has to make a credible case that what he's doing isn't damaging the party but, rather, reinvigorating it.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “Even if it was close, it would go down as a win for the mayor. He still has the magic touch.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “Colorado has become a battleground state for both liberal and conservative forces. It's one of the states in play.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “I would say that the 7th right now is clearly the nation's most competitive seat, with the Democrats having a clear chance to win it.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “He's the Holy Mother Church. He appears unacceptable to a big wing of the party.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “In California, this polarized the electorate and created a huge Latino voting bloc.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “Fundamentally, he was two years out of sync. He felt pressure to keep working on the job and drawing his Cabinet together. There was too much weighing against it.”
 Floyd Ciruli - “Our joke sitting there was that his drinking less than an ounce would shift to a shot and a beer.”