My Favorite Quotes
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 Sue Cischke - “We know people are affected by the prices they are paying at the pump, and they are concerned about our dependence on foreign oil. We thought this was a good opportunity to make sure people know about the choices they already have.”
 Sue Cischke - “We as a nation--government working with the private sector--must do more to accelerate this technology and make it accessible to American drivers.”
 Sue Cischke - “Some of the challenges include designing a system that is most of all accurate, not easily disabled or avoided, is easy to use and does not create driver-distraction issues.”
 Sue Cischke - “It is clear the solution to America 's energy challenges will need to come from advances in fuels and vehicle technology. The fact is, without the whole-hearted involvement of the oil industry, we cannot move forward far enough and fast enough. We obviously need key partners like the oil industry to invest in developing and marketing renewable fuels, like E85.”
 Sue Cischke - “Ford Motor Company believes a sustainable, profitable business requires responsible use of environmental and social resources. Our partnership with ENERGY STAR has been instrumental in driving energy efficiency improvements.”
 Sue Cischke - “For there to be a solution to the energy problem, there is going to be more than one answer and it certainly takes government working together with industry to make that happen.”
 Sue Cischke - “Ford Motor Company is building on a legacy of introducing industry-first safety technologies, with a comprehensive approach to help drivers avoid dangerous situations and help provide increased protection in accidents.”