My Favorite Quotes
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 Joanne Ciulla - “When they lost their jobs, they lost everything, ... income, benefits, friends, reputation, and sometimes even family. Their years of work didn't deliver what they thought the organization had promised. They'd had an unwritten social compact with their employer that if they did their job well, they could keep it until retirement.”
 Joanne Ciulla - “It's about fairness, ... not being unmotivated. Issues of fairness such as not being treated with respect, being talked to in a condescending way -- these are the things that really bother people at work. Instead of having motivational speakers or worrying about psychological issues of, 'How do we make everybody feel good' I say the fundamental grounds for making people feel good is treating them well.”
 Joanne Ciulla - “if work has really improved since the beginning of the century or if it is just clothed in fancy terms and done in cleaner, better-lighted places.”
 Joanne Ciulla - “The ancients saw work as a necessity and a curse, ... The medieval Catholic church bestowed on work a simple dignity the Renaissance humanist gave it glamour. But the Protestants endowed work with the quest for meaning, identity and signs of salvation. The notion of work as something beyond mere labor, as work-plus, indeed as a calling, highlighted its personal and existential qualities. Work became a kind of prayer. More than a means of living, it became a purpose for living.”
 Joanne Ciulla - “What do we sell in business now What's the cry of every other dot-com commercial Information. We sell access. We sell ideas. So what are (motivational speakers) doing Selling another idea.”
 Joanne Ciulla - “The Working Life The Promise and Betrayal of Modern Work”