My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Clamon - “She's pitching good, and basically, she keeps us in ball games. It's just kind of how it has worked out. Our senior lefty got hurt, and Kelly came in and just got better and better.”
 Mike Clamon - “I think the home-plate umpire made a bad call on the balk because the batter had asked for time. And I think that threw Kristen off because she had just given up back-to-back doubles and she didn't need anymore problems.”
 Mike Clamon - “She Jackson thinks it will give a pitcher more time to react to a line drive, but the exact opposite will happen. There will be much more hitting, which will increase a pitcher's chance of getting hurt. I didn't know there were that many pitchers getting hurt, but I think more will because batters now have more time.”
 Mike Clamon - “I told the team we needed to come out and play a good game. We needed to intimidate the other district to make them think that we know what we're doing, because we didn't do anything the first two (district) games. We were lucky we won both.”
 Mike Clamon - “I was scared coming in here, because I thought Durant had a good team and they do. I thought it would be a high-scoring game, but I didn't expect them to make so many errors. I am not complaining though, I will take a win over them any time.”
 Mike Clamon - “She's so smooth on the mound - that's what I saw in her first start that caught my attention. Nothing bothers her when she pitches.”