My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Clapinski - “Obviously it plays in your mind and with the type of career I've had it plays in my mind every year. What it comes down to is do you still enjoy playing and I do. When I do stop playing I hope to stay in the game in some capacity.”
 Chris Clapinski - “They're in a situation where they're trying to find a mix of young players that they can sustain. It's difficult with their payroll limitations. You have players that reach arbitration and you have to decide do you try to sign them to long-term contracts or trade them.”
 Chris Clapinski - “It was a heavy wind out there.”
 Chris Clapinski - “Realistically right now, I am kind of a go with no restrictions because I can throw. But I have to be patient and watch everything and make sure that I don't do too much. That is the hardest thing for me. It is like having a lasso around me, pulling me back. By opening day, I should be full go, no problem.”
 Chris Clapinski - “It was probably the most difficult summer I had to go through, just going through rehab and sitting and watching everyone play for the first time.”