My Favorite Quotes
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 Todd Claus - “Prospect is just that -- it's a word. It has no meaning whatsoever to me. It's my job to build a cohesive unit and get the most out of each and every player.”
 Todd Claus - “He's a good bunter and (David) Murphy's a good runner. They had a chance to get him. That's a tough play for him to flip the ball with the glove.”
 Todd Claus - “He's got an electric arm. He's got electric stuff. We've seen him get up to 96 mph, with a 90-mph slider. He hasn't been consistent with that stuff, but in a short amount of time, he's shown major-league stuff, without question.”
 Todd Claus - “I think we've gotten to the point where we're going to have competition in the organization.”
 Todd Claus - “I was pleased with his mound presence. I think he felt in command the whole time. The box score was not indicative of that, but he didn't give up a run.”
 Todd Claus - “Playing .500 for the first week of the season on the road. I think we can take a lot of positives out of that. I think our team chemistry is really good. We have a lot of energy.”
 Todd Claus - “I don't think anyone questions his future. This is just a process we feel, as an organization, he needs to go through before he's ready to contribute at the level he's capable of.”
 Todd Claus - “He's got a great arm. I've said several times that it doesn't take a scout or a baseball enthusiast to figure out that he's pretty good. I think he still has some things he needs to work on to master his craft, but he has two above-average major-league pitches right now. He just needs some fine-tuning.”