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 Rick Clausen - “Whatever happened off the field is not going to help us on Saturday. It's not going to give us three points on the board before the game starts.”
 Gary Clausen - “It was really a pitcher's battle, with some really good defensive plays. It was just a really good high school ball game.”
 Gary Clausen - “We've been cleared by the health department.”
 Dave Clausen - “To me, Herb has been like the heart and soul of the board. He is a one-of-a-kind.”
 Rick Clausen - “None of us are lawyers,”
 Rick Clausen - “None of us are lawyers. We didn't know what was going on, and quite frankly, I don't think it really mattered.”
 Craig Clausen - “They would have been pretty well insulated, but they were doing what we should complement them for doing - exploring. They had seen the future. They have to go out of region. They have to expand. Otherwise, they're going to have this niche market that eventually is going to get squeezed by outside forces. Voiceover IP or something else is going to come and eat their lunch. So they took a pre-emptive strike that bit them in the butt the first time.”
 Matthew Clausen - “In general, most players will describe it as being snapped with a towel. It will sting for a couple seconds, but you forget about it. Sometimes it will leave a bruise, but it's not painful to the touch - most of the time.”
 Rick Clausen - “I thought I played well enough in the spring, summer time and two-a-days to win the job,”
 Luke Clausen - “I was relaxed the whole time. I'm never nervous when I'm tournament fishing. To me it's fun and relaxing. I didn't get a little nervous (Sunday) until I got up on the stage with the other five finalists.”
 Rick Clausen - “I'm going to get a lot of treatment this week, as many times as possible, to get the soreness out.”
 Rick Clausen - “It was a tough week for myself. I called home a few times. I didn't really want to be here. My family said you got to stay. You never know what might happen. I'm so thankful to those guys and the 70 guys in the locker room. Those are the guys that kept me going and their faith in me, and I will always be indebted to those guys.”
 Rick Clausen - “It was a tough week for myself, ... I called home a few times I really didn't want to be here.”
 Luke Clausen - “Everything went right for me today. Everywhere I went I caught fish.”
 Luke Clausen - “I was pretty disappointed today. I spent all of my time in the area where I caught my fish Friday because I thought it had more fish.”
 Luke Clausen - “I'm going to change and fish some new areas tomorrow. All I can do is go catch as many fish as I can. We'll see what happens.”
 Rick Clausen - “It came to the point where I thought I might as well go coach (younger brother) Jimmy. It came to that point. I just didn't understand. I just didn't understand a lot. It's not my place to understand. He's the head coach, and he makes the decisions. But I really didn't understand at all.”
 Luke Clausen - “It didn't affect me, though. I yanked him out of the water, got him back on the boat and went right on fishing.”
 Luke Clausen - “I had to fish slow on the bottom, keeping my rod-tip near the surface. If I raised the rod even a little, the 40-mph wind became troublesome.”
 Rick Clausen - “I've put in the work and I thought I had a good preseason,”
 Patty Clausen - “We have some great food, too. And we'll have Greek food this year, and seafood. And ice cream -- this guy makes the best homemade ice cream in the world.”
 Luke Clausen - “I just had a good day. I could go out tomorrow and maybe catch 10 pounds. I'm not sure if I can catch five fish. But I'll got back to the some of the areas that I got bit in today and try to milk them for what they're worth.”
 Luke Clausen - “Everything I did worked. I couldn't do no wrong. I was catching some awesome fish.”
 Rick Clausen - “He gave 22 years of his life to this university, ... We haven't gone out and done what we needed to do as a football team.”
 Luke Clausen - “Yesterday, every bite I got was a decent one. I'm going to change and fish some new areas today and I'm going to move around. If I want to have a chance, I have to catch a pretty good bag.”

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