My Favorite Quotes
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 Brandon Claussen - “That pitch was four inches off the ground, ... That's a good pitch. He put the bat on the ball, got out front and used the short porch.”
 Brandon Claussen - “The home run ball to Jason Lane was four inches off of the ground. It was a good pitch but he was able to put the bat on the ball, get it elevated and get it out. I might have been just a hair up in that inning but I was still aggressive in the strike zone.”
 Brandon Claussen - “I thought it was his arm, I didn't know his face was in the way. When I walked over there, he wasn't moving, he wasn't talking - he was knocked out. He wasn't moving at all. LaRue and I both thought it was his shoulder, but when he woke up he said his face was numb.”
 Brandon Claussen - “My bullpen and the first inning, everything was down and had life on it. Something happened in the second inning where I was rushing the plate and everything was up in the zone, away. I was having a hard time locating. I was pretty fortunate to get out of there with only two runs.”
 Brandon Claussen - “I felt good. This was the first time I went three innings right out of the chute. It's definitely something to build on.”
 Brandon Claussen - “I wasn't trying to work on anything today. I want to be ready for the season. I feel like I am.”
 Brandon Claussen - “Today I learned a lot,”
 Brandon Claussen - “Jerry is a very credible guy. He lives what he talks. I completely respect that. Sometimes, he may say something to you that you don't want to hear. But it's the truth. Sometimes that will prune you back a little bit. But when you get pruned, you always grow more fruit.”
 Brandon Claussen - “Hey man, a 9-spot. That's like getting 5-under par on the back nine rolling up 18. The only thing I was disappointed with is that I did walk some guys.”
 Brandon Claussen - “Its funny because people are writing about things that havent even happened yet. If theyre expecting us to be the worst, the sky is the limit for us because were already at the bottom. Im telling you, I think were going to turn some heads, I really do.”
 Brandon Claussen - “It happens. Why it happens is because I didn't make good pitches.”
 Brandon Claussen - “My job is to make sure I give our team a chance to win, ... I felt like I did that. I have to tip my cap to Ohka. He pitched a great game, too.”
 Brandon Claussen - “It was a battle every inning, ... I didn't have a 1-2-3 inning. There were people on base every inning. But I was able to make pitches when I had to.”
 Brandon Claussen - “Yesterday was a tough loss. What can you do We played a good game. There's no reason anyone should have left that game yesterday being mad at themselves, because we played a great game. But it is nice to come back today and put runs on the board to beat a team.”
 Eileen Claussen - “We can't expect unilateral disarmament. If Goldman works to get stricter federal policies, and if it disseminates its research to clients and policy makers, the issue may be rendered moot anyway.”
 Eileen Claussen - “We can't expect unilateral disarmament, ... If Goldman works to get stricter federal policies, and if it disseminates its research to clients and policy makers, the issue may be rendered moot anyway.”
 Eileen Claussen - “The study findings offer a blueprint for progress. But progress in the developing world will not build itself. The industrialized world has an important role to play in supporting reforms that will allow these benefits to accrue.”
 Brandon Claussen - “When mistakes are made, there's nothing you can do about it. I'm just glad we limited that inning to only one run. It was one of those innings that really could have got out of hand. We had some damage control.”
 Brandon Claussen - “They are out for blood right now, ... They are playing as good as anybody in the big leagues. They are swinging the bats. They are playing good defense. They just beat us.”
 Brandon Claussen - “This is baseball. It's a game that will pick you up and it's a game that will put you down too. It's what I love about this game. I can come out in five days and throw a gem. You just have to have a short memory. I've learned that.”
 Eileen Claussen - “Some believe the answer to addressing climate change lies in technology incentives. Others say limiting emissions is the only answer. We need both.”
 Brandon Claussen - “I feel like all of the pitchers on the staff are way ahead of schedule. We're preparing to work through the seventh inning this year, boys.”
 Eileen Claussen - “Most people are ready to take the dialogue forward. The only place where that is not the case is the administration,”