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 Fernando Clavijo - “Hopefully, we have the next couple of weeks or next couple of months (to sign a new deal). I know Joe said he wants to stay. Both parties have to give up a little bit. I think it's going to happen.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “The significance of this game for us is that it's a home game and we cannot give up points.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I think right now, we have to look at Gargan and see what he can give us.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I still think he has a lot more that he can give the team. There's still room for improvement. He knows we believe in him, and he knows we have high expectations for him.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “He's done extremely well since we brought him in. Whether he comes off the bench or starts, he scores goals.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “You know, Joe (Cannon) is one of the great goalkeepers in the league. But we have a roster full of players and they need to stay on top of their job. I thought Byron was very good. I think that he is young and has enormous shoes to fill whenever Joe Cannon is out.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I believe we match (up) very well because they like to play and allow (opponents) to play. That last game we played them gave us a little bit of confidence, knowing we can come with the point from there. But at the same time, we need to win.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I think tonight was probably our best game of the year. We kept the ball very well and we were solid. We have 22 new players and the guys needed time to adjust to each other.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “Outstanding. I mean, outstanding. I said it all along. ... You know, Joe Cannon is one of the great goalkeepers in the league. But we have a roster full of players and they need to stay on top of their job. I though Byron was very good. The other day (against D.C. United), unfortunately, they didn't give him much time to warm up. But today was outstanding. I'm truly happy for him. I think that he is young and has enormous shoes to fill whenever Joe Cannon is out.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “We knew this game was going to be hard and we made it a little harder on ourselves today. Overall, all the guys came up, worked hard and I can't complain for that.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “Today, for us, it was a playoff game. We were playing on the road, and we needed to do whatever we needed to win.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “Sometimes a player is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was happy there, but I think the change in scenery was good for him.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “Anytime you have an opportunity to bring players of this caliber, you have to pull the trigger right away.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I want it. This team has really not won many things, and I think an opportunity to win it is something we need to concentrate on.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “It would be a very happy little surprise. I'm not looking for the next superstar, but you never know. I remember how I came out to play. I made it from an open tryout. I got an opportunity to try. That's how I started playing here in the States. You never know. Realistically, it would be very hard, but it's not impossible.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “It's a great night for Houston. It's a great night for the league. If you don't like playing in this environment, you're in the wrong sport.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “We were forced to make many changes. We didn't defend the ball as well as we should have.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “We knew all along Ben-Dayan was a good player. When he first came, we were winning and it was difficult to fit him in the lineup. But we think we can work him in over the next five games and he can help us make a strong push in the playoffs.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “We make some individual mistakes that cost us the game, but I'm looking forward to playing the Galaxy again, 11-v-11, without any red cards, with no penalties. We get the red card and that changes the game. It was crucial.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “Sometimes the kids only think about making the team. Now there are a lot of players coming in who want to make a difference.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I think this year, the players have interacted not only outside the field, but inside the field. We have good soccer players who have a good mind for the game. They executed together and we have to make sure they put it out during the regular season.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “We fought back. What I told the team was that these results last year were better. If we were a little bit lucky we would have won the game. This seems like a loss. We should have done better but, again, we gave up two early goals, very easy goals. Then we put together an incredible effort to come back. At the end we wanted to win the game. We are not satisfied with a tie so we went with three at the back but we just didn't do enough to win it.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “I think we played hard. We didn't come out with the points. When you play D.C. you know it is going to be hard. It was hard when we played them at home. We beat them. We knew it was going to be hard and took a really good free kick to open up the goals.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “It was a total nightmare out there, by everyone. We just didn't perform.”
 Fernando Clavijo - “His value is never going to be higher. We got him here for nothing and now get a first-round draft pick, perhaps a second, and Martins.”

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