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 Geary Claxton - “One day last year I was praying, and just before I went to sleep I asked the Lord to let me know he was here, just give me some kind of sign. And then He touched my arm.”
 Speedy Claxton - “It feels good. I went to one of my old restaurants in North Beach.”
 Gary Claxton - “The reason you buy insurance is to protect yourself financially. If you get really sick, it doesn't do you much good if you have a 3,000 deductible and now don't have 3,000.”
 Speedy Claxton - “If we go 41-41, we got a lot of hardware to hand out.”
 Geary Claxton - “Part of this is like history. And it's something you cherish for the rest of your life.”
 Gary Claxton - “When you've got three kids and someone's sick, your first thought is probably not to get online and find out which doctor's a little bit cheaper.”
 Geary Claxton - “We're just thinking about Northwestern right now, taking it a game at a time. When that situation comes, we'll focus on that.”
 Geary Claxton - “Matching up with somebody different this time is going to be interesting. We really don't know what they're gonna do and they really don't know what we're gonna do.”
 Speedy Claxton - “It was definitely good to see them. I was there for like two years with those guys. They're friends of mine, so it's nice to see them.”
 Gary Claxton - “Certainly a component of what they believe in is people should have less-generous insurance. The idea of making out of pocket expenses deductible is tied to the broader notion that we need to change overall tax policies.”
 Gary Claxton - “I think people don't always realize that certain things have limitations on them or may not be covered, or that there's a separate deductible when you go in the hospital.”
 Gary Claxton - “Consumer-driven plans are proving attractive to some, but with just a couple million people now enrolled, it's too early to know whether they'll have a meaningful effect on the health system.”
 Gary Claxton - “The issue for all of us, not just the president, is we have a lot of uninsured people, and even if the number goes up or down a little bit we're obviously dealing with a major problem.”
 Gary Claxton - “The good news is that it's a slower rate of increase than last year. But it's still substantially higher than where wages are going.”
 Gary Claxton - “I'm sure what they really have is a scorecard. There are some things just by their very nature that just sort of knock you out.”
 Gary Claxton - “Unless employers are putting a bunch of money in, I really don't see how these balances are going to get much bigger.”
 Geary Claxton - “We wanted to make something special for Travis, him being the lone senior and everything, and this is his day. We just wanted to come out and give it all we had.”
 Geary Claxton - “Everybody was hoping that the hard work would pay off. We just wanted to make an improvement from last year.”
 Geary Claxton - “It's a rough league. You have to keep your heads in it and just play your game. We have to work as a team to get through it.”
 Gary Claxton - “You have to start with the plan first.”
 Speedy Claxton - “The Nets are the best fast-break team in the NBA. Pop was trying all sorts of stuff to get us to focus on getting back on defense.”
 Geary Claxton - “He's always talking, he's always an active person on the court. Since day one, since we've been playing together he's always been talking.”
 Speedy Claxton - “The idea was to get the starters ready for how fast the Nets would break out. I got a chance to push the ball up the court and throw some wild passes. It was a lot of fun.”
 Geary Claxton - “We just showed heart, going out there and showing that we can compete with any team in the country.”
 Gary Claxton - “I believe the bill will have a lot of surprising and unintended consequences. Small employers will buy insurance they think is more protective than it actually is and will be surprised when they find out it has holes in it. There will be some problems that way.”

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