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 Donny Claxton - “Last night and today we were encouraging our parents to keep their children in school. What we're seeing now is an example that there are going to be financial and health repercussions that go beyond missing a day of school.”
 Gary Claxton - “Health care is becoming less affordable every year. We'll continue to have to worry about whether lower-wage and even moderate-wage workers will continue to get good benefits through the workplace.”
 Geary Claxton - “You gotta use your body in this game. I just try to take advantage of everything I can.”
 Gary Claxton - “Health insurance is becoming more expensive for the average person.”
 Gary Claxton - “People should realize that there is variation here. Everybody wants to focus on the average. Nobody is average.”
 Donny Claxton - “This is a national issue that certainly caught the attention of our students. We will be working with them in ways to help them forward their concerns to their appropriate federal legislator in the coming days.”
 Donny Claxton - “What we're trying to do is get ahead of the curve, find out who the suppliers are and kids who are already hooked on this into rehab.”
 Gary Claxton - “The willingness to go forward and the shared belief that this is a framework that could be workable is more agreement than we generally have in health care about anything.”

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