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 Joan Claybrook - “It's malarkey. When you tell people that the roof crushing in on your head is not the cause of injury, it's your head hitting the roof, it's laughable.”
 Joan Claybrook - “It means these vehicles (light trucks) are permanently on the highway unless the public doesn't want to buy them.”
 Joan Claybrook - “This is something they've known about for a long time.”
 Joan Claybrook - “It is a scary time.”
 Joan Claybrook - “We are here today to expose one of the biggest con jobs in recent history.”
 Joan Claybrook - “Such lavish travel gives lobbyists an inside track with lawmakers ... and could even be interpreted as building the groundwork for legislative favors.”
 Joan Claybrook - “House leaders are trying to trick voters into thinking that the leadership is addressing the problem. Voters should not be fooled. This is not real reform.”
 Joan Claybrook - “It's virtually a nothing burger. This proposal is useless.”
 Joan Claybrook - “The shame of this situation is that both Ford and BridgestoneFirestone have known about this problem for eight years, ... The companies have settled a number of lawsuits under gag orders, which prohibited the lawyers or victims in the cases from talking about them. As a result, safety officials and the public have been kept in the dark.”
 Bill Claybrook - “The large memory of 64-bit will be nice for database applications, but the apps that currently run on Linux don't need 64-bit.”
 Joan Claybrook - “Overall, this measure is insufficient because it focuses on disclosing corruption, rather than deterring it.”
 Joan Claybrook - “That (DOT) chose in both rules to expand driving hours is astounding given its statutory mandate to make safety its highest priority and Congress's specific directive to the agency to reduce fatigue-related incidents.”
 Joan Claybrook - “The rejection of Representative Blunt shows that rank-and-file Republicans are aware the corruption scandal that has shaken Washington could put their majority status at risk.”
 Joan Claybrook - “This bill is a sham because the House leadership does not want real ethics and lobbying reform. They aren't rock stars, but they want the luxury trappings to be showered with lobbyists' money and entertainment, and flown around on corporate jets above the fray of security lines, delayed flights and missed connections.”
 Joan Claybrook - “A very awesome responsibility. We're quite concerned that she's never done anything regulatory. ... She hasn't done any policy work.”
 Joan Claybrook - “DeLay was very astute at pushing legislation that was advantageous to people who would give him money.”
 Joan Claybrook - “I don't think this one is going to go away. Members of Congress know they are going to face this issue in November.”
 Joan Claybrook - “Representative Ney should be promoting legislation to clean up Congress and his own House, not legislation that brings more special-interest money into politics,”
 Joan Claybrook - “It is irresponsible that the federal government is rewarding a wealthy offshore oil corporation, particularly at a time of record budget deficits. A company that incorporates offshore to avoid U.S. taxes shouldn't be allowed to qualify for such grants.”
 Bill Claybrook - “I was at Linux World in San Jose, Calif., and there were dozens of kids -- 11, 12, 13 years old -- collecting all this literature and looking at the demos. In two or three years, when all these kids are coming out of college and high school, the number of people who are able to do Linux development are going to overwhelm the number of people who are doing Unix and NT development simply because of that.”
 Bill Claybrook - “It's not as bad as when there were a hundred different companies selling Unix. There are maybe six or eight Linux distributors we all know about. But given the size of the market, even though it's growing quickly, it's not clear that they will all exist three or four years from now.”
 Joan Claybrook - “It is the most important thing for children, whether it is an air-bag car or non-air-bag car, that the child be in the back seat.”
 Joan Claybrook - “Neither Democrats nor Republicans would prohibit lobbyists from making campaign contributions, arranging fundraisers, bundling contributions from clients, or serving on members' fundraising committees. Second, neither proposes an independent ethics watchdog to audit disclosure reports from lawmakers, staff, and lobbyists and to conduct independent investigations of alleged violations.”
 Joan Claybrook - “This report exposes one of the biggest con jobs in recent history. This long-running, secretive campaign funded by some of the country's wealthiest families has relied on deception to bamboozle the public not only about who must pay the estate tax, but about how repealing it will affect the country.”
 Joan Claybrook - “These documents suggest that Bush was acting as promoter in chief for Enron and its business interests at a time when he was getting ready to raise money for his run for president,”

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