My Favorite Quotes
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 Cass Cliatt - “There's a difference between using the Princeton name based on the location, verses an intent to trade on the Princeton reputation.”
 Cass Cliatt - “But the trial didn't proceed to a final conclusion to determine liability. We have no serious concerns over the safety of Masonry, which is one of the reasons we continue to work with them.”
 Cass Cliatt - “We've had several calls and inquiries this morning. The phones down there are ringing off the hook.”
 Cass Cliatt - “The university feels strongly about defending its name and we have actively and successfully challenged the use of its name in the past.”
 Cass Cliatt - “This could cost higher education billions of dollars. There is a question on where the funds would come from.”
 Cass Cliatt - “Our students take their meals there, and it is part of their undergraduate experience. Even though the eating clubs operate independently, our concern with the health and well being of our students does not stop at Prospect Ave.”
 Cass Cliatt - “Princeton is very strong at undergraduate education in every area, whether it's firsthand research with leading minds in the world or its groundbreaking financial award program. There is no concern that if students could pick their own categories, Princeton will drop in ranking.”
 Cass Cliatt - “Princeton is attempting here to attain a leadership role, a national leadership role, in something that we have come to see as a national problem.”