My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Ratcliff - “Almost all of this slowing trend is due to the dramatic swings in Information employment in L.A. County.”
 Jimmy Cliff - “Now you can manufacture just about what you want and after just a little time the artist is forgotten and gone.”
 Lewis Ratcliff - “You just can't let a 1-10 team beat you twice. Simple as that. We learned from what happened last time and that was probably one of our better efforts of the season.”
 Lewis Ratcliff - “The play (we talked about in the timeout) wasn't drawn up for that. It was kind of a mish-mash. I didn't even know the ball was coming to me until it was pretty much in my stick. So, I didn't really have time to get nervous.”
 Chris Ratcliff - “It is very interesting. There were a couple of times this year when Coach Caldwell was having some serious talks and Naomi or Mariah came over and did something funny. It's hard to get serious. (The kids) bring so much joy to the team.”
 John Radcliff - “Personally, I'd rather win a league title than get to the playoffs.”
 Chris Ratcliff - “She is our leader. She is that one captain that is in charge of stretches and gets on to people. The other two captains are not like that. Sam gets on them, and she is vocal. No other player plays harder than she does. She gives everything she has.”
 Brian Shircliff - “This is a tough sectional. Through the entire year, we've been working hard preparing for every opportunity we can get.”
 Chris Ratcliff - “(Anglin-Smith) has earned her playing time. She has made the most of every opportunity. We have two great point guards. We have the two best point guards in the league. We are glad to have Sam.”
 Jimmy Cliff - “It was the vehicle that propelled me to international stardom. I was known as a singer songwriter before that, but people did not know me as an actor. It showed the world where the music I contributed to create was coming from. It opened the gates for Jamaican music, internationally.”
 Ryan Ratcliff - “Local housing markets will cool off, leading to a slowdown in spending and some job losses in construction and other real estate-related industries. With this in mind, we are currently forecasting a plateau in home prices, a moderate decrease in sales and new building and two years of weak growth. However, this forecast represents the middle of the road.”
 Ryan Ratcliff - “The recent trend in California's employment statistics has been a move from mediocre to downright ugly. After a brief spurt in July and August, employment growth has slowed to a crawl.”
 Lewis Ratcliff - “It was a big relief when I saw the ball go in the net. We always make it hard on ourselves and just can't get an easy W.”
 Lewis Ratcliff - “There's 10 guys on that team that played with me in the summer and we just won a Mann Cup together so I know those guys know how to play and know how to win.”
 Brian Shircliff - “We plan on being major a factor.”
 John Radcliff - “I had to look up and make sure I was in the right place last Friday. I've had Friday practices in the past where there were more coaches than athletes.”
 Lewis Ratcliff - “We treat it as a regular-season game and we like to win. The West doesn't get enough credit for having a lot of good lacrosse players, so it was nice to beat the East.”
 Brian Shircliff - “This time we're gifted with a lot of depth. On any one day, more than twelve of our varsity athletes can post excellent rounds among significant competition.”
 Brian Shircliff - “I have just been really impressed with how they have been preparing for every opportunity that they get. It is real clear today that (the team's) preparation went a long way.”
 Ryan Ratcliff - “For about three years now, California has been relying on construction as its major source of job growth.”
 Jimmy Cliff - “If you go out to Hollywood you'll find a lot of fantastic plastic people there in the business and a lot of people in life generally. They find it so hard to be themselves that they have to be plastic.”