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 Gregg Clifton - “I just hope, as does Terry, that the Red Sox don't use this discount to deal him away to another team.”
 Rita Clifton - “It was one idea which was rather relentlessly executed,”
 Kraig Clifton - “We made some adjustments to them attacking the zone and we had two opportunities to take the lead and we didn't get over the hump and they came back with that late run.”
 Kraig Clifton - “We really played a solid game all the way through for the first time. Everything we did was with a purpose.”
 Gregg Clifton - “Whenever a trade happens, it's always a little shocking from the player's perspective.”
 Lucille Clifton - “i keep hearing tree talk water words and i keep knowing what they mean.”
 Bryan Clifton - “The different dates show how far under water your memorial was that day.”
 Kraig Clifton - “It wasn't the same team that played Thursday night. We just couldn't get things clicking.”
 Kraig Clifton - “It's a challenging time for the kids. We really need a win to keep our heads above water. It's not that we're playing to lose. We're playing hard and the kids are giving it all they got, it's just every game is something different. We've had a chance to win every game, but we're just not getting the breaks down the stretch. A mistake here, turnover there has been the difference.”
 Gregg Clifton - “David's a competitor. From David's perspective, not having the opportunity to compete until the middle of April is disappointing, that's what this is all about.”
 Kraig Clifton - “They have athletes at every position. They're really aggressive and they make things hard.”
 Kraig Clifton - “They can hit you from so many directions and every on the floor can shoot and that makes it hard to defend. If you give them a decent look they're going to make it.”
 Gregg Clifton - “We are still in close contact with the Red Sox and they have told us they will do whatever they can to help meet David's demands. This is all about where David wants to finish his career and not about anything negative in Boston.”
 Kraig Clifton - “We finally played our best game of the year. Patterson is an excellent team, but our scoring was spread throughout and our defense was more active than Friday night. I hope they learned a big lesson that you can't just stand there in a zone, you have to be as active as you are in a man-to-man.”
 Kraig Clifton - “All year, the thing that has kept us in games is our defense. But on Friday night, we broke down on responsibilities, broke down on close outs. It was by far the most 3s we've given up in a game. They were extremely hot, but at the same time, we didn't do anything to stop it. We just kept daring them to shoot it.”
 Kraig Clifton - “The fourth got us. We had some easy opportunities to score but just didn't convert. (Los Banos) really turned up the D and we had a hard time scoring.”
 Bryan Clifton - “We would like the current structure torn down and use some of the old structure as part of the new one. This would save the community time and money.”
 Lucille Clifton - “children when they ask you why your mama so funny say she is a poet she don't have no sense.”
 Gregg Clifton - “His thought process when he signed that deal was that he had a chance to be with the Red Sox for life. We had cautioned him at the time of the deal (that a trade was still possible), and that was our concern - we worry about the business side of things, and this is a business.”
 Rita Clifton - “Moss is popular for her unusual beauty, but what distinguishes her is that she is accessible and down to earth. The other thing that has made her valuable is this edge of darkness' feeling about her. The problem is that her image is sliding too much to the latter.”
 Kraig Clifton - “Smalley destroyed us inside. He's a good basketball player with a good feel down in the post. He jumps out of the gym.”
 Kraig Clifton - “There's an attitude you can only get through winning. Winning makes you believe that you can win again and again.”
 Lucille Clifton - “i keep hearing tree talk water words and i keep knowing what they mean.”
 Lucille Clifton - “childrenwhen they ask youwhy your mama so funnysayshe is a poetshe don't have no sense.”
 Lucille Clifton - “People wish to be poets more than they wish to write poetry, and that's a mistake. One should wish to celebrate more than one wishes to be celebrated.”

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