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 Kim Clijsters - “I can hit some winners with my forehand and that's where I put on some pressure. My serve kept me in a lot of games, too, ... This is the best that I've felt so far. I was moving well, I was quick on my feet.”
 Kim Clijsters - “probably hits the ball harder than any girl out there.”
 Kim Clijsters - “She's a great girl, really fun and the public love her. She really plays and she never gives up - I have a lot of fun when I play her.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I haven't seen what shape she's in, but I've heard she's in really good shape. I'm very excited. She's a great girl, too. She's a lot of fun.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I won't be the only one in shape there, ... Lindsay has been great, too. It is the last tournament for everyone in the top eight and they all will give it their best.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I want to give it a go and I want to try as hard as I can to get better,”
 Kim Clijsters - “Well, I didn't do too bad the tournaments after that, ... But I felt like I played well that match. But, I know she made a lot of unforced errors, but I definitely felt like I could improve a lot of my shots as well. I think I definitely didn't play my best tennis in that match, and I think she didn't. I know she didn't. So, it's give and take.”
 Kim Clijsters - “Especially for such a big event, with so many good players, yeah, it was a quick one.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I felt good and did what I had to win, and that's important in these kind of matches.”
 Kim Clijsters - “That felt really good, I didn't think I would start the year like this,”
 Kim Clijsters - “To be honest, that drives me crazy, ... Roger Federer is one of the nicest guys on the tour. It doesn't stop him from winning.”
 Kim Clijsters - “Every day I hope it improves. But I'm sort of waiting every day and see how it feels. So I can't tell you yet (if I'm going to play).”
 Kim Clijsters - “I will have an extra incentive of course to win because of the way it ended in Melbourne. But I just hope we both play a good aggressive game like we've done in the past.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I hurt my hip, and then my back started. I don't know if it was because of compensating or how it started, which started what off.”
 Kim Clijsters - “As long as my clothing remains an issue, it is impossible for me to go to the Olympics,”
 Kim Clijsters - “She just reads it so well and plays it tactically so well. I think by getting more matches and more rhythm she's going to improve even more.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I'm going to go for it because, you know, it could be over, ... If I get another wrist injury, if I have anything else, my career could be over very soon. That's why I just want to go out there and just enjoy every shot that I can hit.”
 Kim Clijsters - “That was before my injury. I've realized a lot more how much I missed tennis,”
 Kim Clijsters - “I'm not really playing for the money, ... I just really want to go out there and have fun. Since my injury, playing tennis means so much more because I really missed it when I couldn't do it last year. I'm just happy to be back and playing as well as I am.”
 Kim Clijsters - “The injury is healing pretty well... My ankle looks fairly thick still, but that is decreasing as well.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I never thought I could have a season like this.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I don't know. I haven't thought about it, so I have no idea.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I didn't know what I did. I don't know what my first thought was anymore. It's pretty bad, actually, because I want to know how it felt. But I can't.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I really need three weeks' recovery time. I just want to have no more injury woes.”
 Kim Clijsters - “I was surprised to get to the final this week, so soon after my injury in Melbourne. But my recovery is going to take time. It's not going to come immediately.”

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