My Favorite Quotes
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 Nancy Clouse - “I want them to be able to play at a high quality all the time, regardless of the strength of the opponent. And we're not there yet.”
 Nancy Clouse - “I think they let down when they think they're playing an opponent that's not that strong. They've got to learn that you have to play at a high quality all the time.”
 Nancy Clouse - “I had a seventh-grader playing her first singles match today at No. 5, so that was good to see her and see what she could do.”
 Mandy Clouse - “I've seen her chuck up half-court shots. She'll shoot 'em anywhere.”
 Nancy Clouse - “What I tell them to do is to work on their shots and not play down. Still play at a very high level and work on things they don't normally get to work on in a tighter match. And just be consistent.”