My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Cloutier - “Especially in this city, I think the fans are so happy. They just wanted to get back to hockey. You could tell by the atmosphere in the building. It was a playoff-type atmosphere and it was nice to see, as players, that they are supporting us again.”
 Dan Cloutier - “I thought it was unnecessary. It's up to the bar owner, the one who holds the liquor license, to be responsible for people in establishments.”
 Dan Cloutier - “With the new rules, there are a lot of people crashing the net. They just kind of kept coming at me.”
 Dan Cloutier - “He's extremely skilled. Nothing against Minnesota, but when you play that style, the first thing that comes to their mind is stay back. I think here is he going to have a chance to really open it up and we'll see how much skill he's got.”
 George Cloutier - “The message is clear about the impact of energy. If by some chance the cost of oil were to reach 100 per barrel, the future for many small businesses would be uncertain.”
 George Cloutier - “Small business owners see Mayors and other local officials as their biggest ally. Because of this, they are the key link to helping small businesses reach their true potential.”
 George Cloutier - “This poll tells us that most small business owners are in the dark when it comes to knowing which agencies can help their business and what they can offer. The irony is that the owners who had received federal assistance were quite pleased with the results.”
 George Cloutier - “They are focused on marketing and sales and don't have an organized, coherent attack on collections. The great majority think the money is going to come in when it comes in.”