My Favorite Quotes
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 Rep. Clymer - “I would move the bill, obviously, and I don't think that's what our leadership wants us to do.”
 Rep. Clymer - “It just reinforces the concept that there is an easy way to make money. It's fool's gold they are looking at.”
 Rep. Clymer - “If you want a state negotiator, that's fine, too, but get one. If you don't communicate, you'll never get anything accomplished.”
 Rep. Clymer - “It may seem that I'm involved more than I should be. It's when people come to you and they ask you to go to meetings and say 'here's a problem, can you solve it' And you don't mind becoming involved in local issues because if you can help them out with a government bureaucracy then you want to help them do that.”
 Adam Clymer - “When I came back to Washington to be The Times' chief congressional correspondent in 1991, I was looking for a book subject, and Ted Kennedy stood out for two reasons.”
 Adam Clymer - “Using bad language while promising to restore dignity to the White House is a contradiction that will hurt him in a tiny, modest way.”
 Adam Clymer - “Texas has had one of the nation's worst public health records for decades. More than a quarter of its citizens have no health insurance.”
 Adam Clymer - “Ted Kennedy is the only person alive who might know more than we do about Chappaquiddick, and he may not.”
 Adam Clymer - “I thought writing about somebody current would be a little closer to what I'm used to doing.”
 Adam Clymer - “Democratic politicians have disliked things I've written, Republican politicians... if they all love you, you might as well be driving a Good Humor truck.”
 Adam Clymer - “Another thing that's quite different in writing a book as a practicing newspaperman is that if you look at what you've written the next morning and you think you didn't get it quite right, you can fix it.”
 Adam Clymer - “This is one of his core issues, one of the things he has been concerned about the longest.”
 Adam Clymer - “There's a Washington standard of casually putting things off the record. It's really gone too far. I don't know an easy way to turn it back.”
 Adam Clymer - “I don't think the Times looks any better today than it did yesterday.”
 Adam Clymer - “It isn't clear to me, and it isn't clear to people at the paper, exactly why the waiver wasn't acceptable in its earlier form when other people found ways to find it acceptable.”
 Adam Clymer - “A lot of the reporters have really been wondering and doubting their editors. It wasn't that they knew the defense of Judy was wrong, but they didn't have a sense of what was being defended. . . . People all over the paper think the Times should have been covering the story harder.”