My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Giacobbe - “You're absolutely right. Contracts can vary. Rates can vary. Pays can vary. ... Only in the area of retiree health benefits has the Legislature spoken.”
 Matt Giacobbe - “Right now, the way your law is written, if a police officer gets shot in the line of duty, he gets accidental disability retirement. ... He gets no health benefits.”
 Matt Giacobbe - “Right now you have different choices for different classes of people. No one's challenging that. The law ... just deals with uniformity for retiree benefits, not uniformity among current employees.”
 Matt Giacobbe - “The problem with retirees is once you're a retiree, you're no longer a member of a collective bargain agreement.”
 Frances P. Cobbe - “The time comes to every dog when it ceases to care for people merely for biscuits or bones, or even for caresses, and walks out of doors. When a dog really loves, it prefers the person who gives it nothing, and perhaps is too ill ever to take it out for exercise, to all the liberal cooks and active dogboys in the world.”