My Favorite Quotes
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 Ian Cockerill - “Most established companies, like Gold Fields, are losing talented people in their droves as new platinum, nickel, copper and iron-ore mines are established all over the world.”
 Ian Cockerill - “The 20-year bear market in gold has turned around. The upward trend in price has been in place for the past five years, and for the chartists out there, I don't believe you've seen anything yet.”
 Ian Cockerill - “Wal-Mart worked well but we kept at it too long and it took too long to unwind. We're taking a more middle-of-the-road approach now.”
 Ian Cockerill - “It's fair to say, at current prices, that running a gold company is a lot more fun than it was even six months ago.”
 Ian Cockerill - “The ability for Gold Fields to discover value in these markets we've got today ... is becoming increasingly difficult. Several opportunities have been identified across the globe.”