My Favorite Quotes
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 Marilyn Coddens - “She's had some phenomenal, phenomenal games, the type of games where you don't know how many points she scored until the game is over.”
 Marilyn Coddens - “It's terrible. It's an unfortunate blunder. It breaks my heart.”
 Dan Coddens - “Dustin likes to shoot and he might think that's what he does best, but he has great vision. He throws some great passes.”
 Marilyn Coddens - “We would not be where we are without everyone on this team. All the players, our managers, our four coaches and all the people who have supported us.”
 Dan Coddens - “I definitely think we're going to be better as the year goes on. We're a young team and we'll make some young mistakes early.”
 Dan Coddens - “I don't care what the competition was, it's still 50 points.”
 Marilyn Coddens - “There's no question that some of our players who don't start could (start) for other teams and even for ours. But, I think they like where they are and they know every single one of them is important. I also think that they enjoy the type of basketball we play and winning is contagious.”
 Marilyn Coddens - “This is bigger than the program. From our administration to our great fans, everyone has played such an important role.”