My Favorite Quotes
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 Lord Coe - “Sport and the needs of athletes are central to London's plans for the Games, and I know that Jonathan will continue to represent these views energetically.”
 Sebastian Coe - “Games for the next generation.”
 Lord Coe - “Jim Sloman and his team can help us deliver those goals and I am delighted that they will be working with our excellent in-house team to search for improvements wherever they can be found. Our aim is to put sport and the athletes right at the heart of the bid.”
 Charlie Coe - “I'm pleased. That's what I'll say. I'm not happy, but I'm pleased. Given where we started, we've made good strides. I'm certainly proud of that. These guys have put in a lot of work and it's paying off.”
 Howard Moscoe - “The arrival of these new buses would not be possible without the financial support from all three levels of government.”
 David Coe - “I've never wanted anybody to like me because I had long hair or short hair, or that they liked the way I dressed or they liked the way I smile.”
 Ed Coe - “He took it upon himself to put his hand out for me and that meant a lot.”
 Howard Moscoe - “The bottom line is that we have to keep the transit system running because the health of this city depends on it. I apologize to our riders but we have to pay a little more.”
 Jonathan Coe - “Dickens, obviously, is a great hero.”
 Joan Roscoe - “It was amazing to hear from and about different people from different walks of life and the impression she left upon them. All her work they're studying now is a part of history.”
 Jonathan Coe - “I like the idea of a big caesura between the narratives, a space which readers can fill in with their own speculative history.”
 Michael Coe - “We hope they continue to underestimate us.”
 Sebastian Coe - “The international people tell us that we are taken seriously and that there is a momentum.”
 Justin Pascoe - “The Link REIT is still an attractive investment proposition.”
 David Pascoe - “The jury saw right through the defendant's lies, ... He told them what he is a cold-blooded murderer.”
 Charlie Coe - “It's going to be probably after this week. We've got signing day this week, and I don't want to do this stuff then. I'll get these guys in here sometime late this week or next week, and we'll get everything wrapped up.”
 Lauren Roscoe - “Our team is just awesome. I have the best teammates, and we get along so well. We have great leadership.”
 Jonathan Coe - “I'm shy of comparisons to Dickens because he's one of the absolute greats and it's silly to compare a contemporary novelist with someone.”
 Jonathan Coe - “As the books grew bigger and more ambitious, the situations in question sometimes became political ones, and so it became necessary to start painting in the social background on a scale which eventually became panoramic.”
 Jonathan Coe - “Writers never feel comfortable having labels attached to them, however accurate they are.”
 Jonathan Coe - “It's only a drawback in the States, where most people seem to have no real interest in other countries and the notion of a novel which might offer insight into life in the UK doesn't seem to appeal very widely.”
 Jonathan Coe - “The biggest markets for my books outside the UK are France and Italy, and those are the two countries where I also have the closest personal relationships with my translators - I don't know whether that's a coincidence, or if there's something to be learned from it.”
 Jonathan Coe - “Ah, well, I have no talent for nonfiction, that's my problem.”
 Jonathan Coe - “The writer I feel the most affinity with - you said you felt my books are 19th century novels, I think they're 18th century novels - is Fielding, Henry Fielding, he's the guy who does it for me.”
 Jonathan Coe - “My only regret is that I signed away the world rights and in America they've been far and away my most successful books, but I never saw a cent from any of it.”

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