My Favorite Quotes
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 George Cofer - “We brought everybody to the table and found the one thing we all agreed on is land conservation in the Hill Country. So that's what we're doing together.”
 George Cofer - “It would be an injustice to the community to just sit here and say nothing.”
 Chase Cofer - “If we play the way we know how to, I have no doubt it will happen.”
 Chase Cofer - “We've got the deepest bench in the state. Even with a few of our key players hurt, we've still got seven or eight guys deep. We work the 34-court man (defense) the whole time and by the end of the game they were worn out.”
 Chase Cofer - “It's an X-factor. People don't realize it, but by the fourth quarter, we still have our legs.”
 Chase Cofer - “I've been coming to games here for a long time. I've seen the atmosphere. I love it. I was hoping to get the same chance.”
 Chase Cofer - “In the third quarter they still had their legs. By the fourth quarter, our substitute pattern wore them out. The bench was huge.”
 Chase Cofer - “That was huge. D.J. had a good box out and that pretty much took them out of it.”
 Chase Cofer - “We execute better this year than we ever have. We're to the point where we're executing so well that we're getting better looks. It opens up the 3-ball and makes them easier shots.”
 George Cofer - “SOS has such a good reputation in the community, and for the most part well-deserved, that I and apparently others that helped found the organization felt compelled to point out the problems with the proposed amendment and try to educate the community that just saying no isn't the answer to water quality.”