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 Todd Coffey - “I will do any and everything. Whenever Jerry asks me to pitch, Im going to give it everything. My job is to get hitters out.”
 Sean Coffey - “He's a good passer and he threw the ball to where only I could catch it.”
 Kendall Coffey - “If this child had come ashore in Mississippi, he would have had his asylum hearing by now.”
 Paul Coffey - “It's impossible for me to go back and put on that hockey sweater again.”
 Chris Coffey - “We just completed the orientation process for 40 new hires from other facilities, and we are looking to hire more. Some may return to their home hospitals, but for others there will be no hospital to return to.”
 Kendall Coffey - “Right now they're stigmatized as undesirables and told they're not wanted in Cuba. They're very much wanted here, and we hope they'll be allowed to return and are counting on the U.S to use its best efforts to help them get back where they belong.”
 Paul Coffey - “I had no idea it was coming,”
 Sean Coffey - “The settlement is a result of our careful and in-depth scrutiny of Nortel's proprietary financial information, which was analyzed by our investment banking team.”
 Scott Coffey - “If these hairs are found not to be his, I believe he will be proven innocent.”
 Kendall Coffey - “That's the law, but the jury has 12 human beings on it.”
 Paul Coffey - “I went on and was still able to play some good hockey.”
 Paul Coffey - “Having Wayne in town will be exciting enough.”
 Paul Coffey - “Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better. It's hard to stay on top.”
 Becky Coffey - “The increases were just higher than we thought. As we did last year when we asked for budget increases, we returned 220,000 to the Town fund. Some of the money from the special appropriation we did not spend for the year, so we thought it was appropriate to return funds that were not needed.”
 Todd Coffey - “That's what this game is about, coming in in a big moment, a big time in the game and getting the job done. I enjoyed it.”
 Sean Coffey - “You have to wonder how the auditors and investment bankers could have missed so many 11th-hour deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars at a time.”
 Sean Coffey - “If he sees guys are down or if he sees we're having a sluggish practice, he's the first guy clapping his hands and talking loud and trying to get everybody up. He has so much respect that everybody listens to him. During the game, he's patting cats on the head and trying to keep guys up. He's real quiet outside of football, but when it's football time, he's the ideal player a coach wants to have.”
 Sean Coffey - “Now I have a lot more time to talk to them, and they probably won't like me as much,”
 Scott Coffey - “Now they're saying to test these hairs even if they're not his that doesn't prove anything. But at the time the hairs were everything to the DA's case.”
 Paul Coffey - “I was having trouble,”
 Mike Coffey - “We were determined to do everything as a board of directors to get the field ready to play because we understand how important this is to these kids.”
 Todd Coffey - “We were down here in Atlanta every weekend, ... I was here when Sid Bream slid into home to win the 1992 National League Championship Series. I saw the 1995 playoffs here. I used to come down here and watch Kent Mercker pitch all the time, now he's a locker down from me.”
 Todd Coffey - “We're so close to Atlanta. We used to come down here and watch Braves games,”
 Todd Coffey - “My wife said she saw me warm up and she went upstairs behind the bullpen to bring others to watch me warm up, and by the time they got down there, I was in the game. So she had to walk right back down there to where she was sitting. She said by the time she got back down there, I had one batter left, and I threw that last pitch and that was it,”
 Tom Coffey - “A description of a vehicle possibly driven by the triggerman came over the radio. The guy's already gone, ... We're just p------ in the wind now.”

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