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 Vance Coffman - “Second-quarter results are on track with our expectations. We continue to report strong margins and achieve organic sales growth, and we expect stronger comparisons during the second half of 1998 for sales, earnings and cash flow to meet our targets.”
 John Coffman - “It's unfortunate that the Welch kid hurt his ankle. I don't know how much that messed with them psychologically, but I know he's a good player.”
 Debbie Coffman - “I thought our kids gave them a hell of a game. We had them at halftime, but a lot of little things happened. We told the kids if we could hold them under 50 points the game would be ours, and they got 52.”
 John Coffman - “I thought he did really well. It was a good experience for him. He learned that in big meets he has to be a little more aggressive on the dives you know you can handle. Even on the ones you don't think you are going to score so well, you still have to be aggressive no matter what.”
 Mark Coffman - “I thought we came out really well offensively then we started to throw the ball away. We didn't read the defense and find the open man.”
 Mark Coffman - “I thought we played with a lot of energy, but we just didn't shoot the ball very well. We were atrocious at the line. We got some good free throw shooters there at the line near the end and that helped.”
 John Coffman - “We felt really good about (the meet). We got the whole team involved. We didn't swim a loaded lineup by any means. We haven't tapered at all yet, so our idea coming in was to swim good times. We accomplished about 70 to 80 percent of what we wanted to accomplish.”
 Mark Coffman - “I'm more concerned about how we played to get behind than with how we played to catch up. I think we got some conditioning in today. It's going to be really hard for us to come back with an emotional letdown.”
 John Coffman - “This is the first time since 2001 that this program has been funded, and we know it will be put to good use this winter.”
 Mark Coffman - “We played better. We couldn't keep people in front of us in the first half. We had better defense the second half. We got off to a good start but we just couldn't keep it going.”
 Mark Coffman - “We've played Amarillo each of the last three years in the tournament and we've never beaten them so that should serve as some motivation for us.”
 Vance Coffman - “Overall sales and earnings growth were below our expectations, reflecting performance issues as well as delays of commercial space launches and military aircraft deliveries from 1998 into 1999.”
 John Coffman - “They wanted to make sure that the only money testimony on the record was theirs.”
 Mark Coffman - “I mean fourth-graders ought to be able to make 11 for 26 blindfolded. That's embarrassing.”
 Mark Coffman - “We got some people with some fouls so we had to use a lot more people off the bench and they all came to play.”
 John Coffman - “Sometimes she doesn't get out the fastest in the first 25. Our plan was to go into the turn as hard as we could at the start of the 50 and build from there. That's basically what she did. She was in fourth after the first 25. She slowed a little bit and then passed everyone in the final 25.”
 Debbie Coffman - “We are not neglecting penmanship, but we have prioritized it in its proper order in the big picture of literacy. If we are in school for six or seven hours a day, it can't be an hour.”
 Mark Coffman - “I think we kind of played lackadaisical in the second half. I think both teams had trouble scoring. Most of our offense in the first half came from our defense.”
 Vance Coffman - “Consistent with our previously announced focus on reducing debt, it is prudent to change the dividend at this time.”
 John Coffman - “The best thing on the guys' side was diving. That's one of the best scores in the state in a six-dive meet. Going into district, he should have some confidence.”
 Vance Coffman - “Our inability to reach an acceptable solution, combined with our concern over the litigation with our principal customer, necessitates this decision.”
 Vance Coffman - “We are deeply disappointed with this reduced outlook for our company. This level of earnings and cash generation is unacceptable for Lockheed Martin.”
 Douglas Coffman - “By doing this raid the international community has hit a raw nerve, targeting this institution which allegedly is linked to illegal parallel institutions.”
 Vance Coffman - “This transaction is a positive step for both companies. The transfer of businesses to GE advances Lockheed Martin's ongoing portfolio-shaping activities and accomplishes a significant reduction in outstanding common shares, thereby enhancing shareholder value.”
 John Coffman - “Jimmy has been giving a consistent effort since last fall when he started training club. He goes to high school practice and is lifting weights all the time. He's put in a solid, solid effort.”

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