My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Coghlin - “We've always thought they were a very skilled team but they're even more skilled than people know. They skate really well, they swarm the puck, the protect they puck well. They all have exceptional puck skills, stick skills, and they compete.”
 Tim Coghlin - “I thought we were just a little off all night, and that was just another example of that. When we thought we could turn this thing around and change the momentum, we weren't able to.”
 Tim Coghlin - “Does it burn It certainly burns me. And it burns me because I thought we had the personnel available tonight and we didn't come through with the victory. Any time that happens, you should be upset about it. I am sure our guys will be too.”
 Tim Coghlin - “I think there is a certain confidence level in that locker room that's hard to understand. I think it's a little more complex than just commenting on it. They've created this monster that somebody's going to have to try and knock down sooner or later. They've got this ball rolling.”
 Tim Coghlin - “It's a very unique idea to put under one ticket price with two games of two of your local teams. I think it's an exceptional idea. If I was a hockey fan in this area, I wouldn't miss it.”
 Tim Coghlin - “You could see that it didn't matter who was coming at him. The puck was not going to get behind Kyle Jones (Saturday). He seemed to see everything clearly, and even when it was a scramble, he was in proper position.”
 Tim Coghlin - “If we do make a breakdown, everybody on the bench believes 100 percent that Kyle Jones is going to make that save, and if he doesn't make that save, I can promise you that all believe that he will next time.”
 Tim Coghlin - “We're playing well, yes there's no doubt about it. Are we playing our best hockey I don't think so. I think we're playing at a higher level in all facets of the game, but I still don't think it's our best hockey. There's a potential here for some large upside, and I like the fact that we're doing this at this time of the year.”
 Tim Coghlin - “He's still making five or six huge saves a night and sometimes more. He's on his mark. He's not diving side to side. He's not sliding around his crease. He's square, he's set, and if you beat him, you beat him with a good shot.”
 Tim Coghlin - “I can't imagine that it will (end the season), but it's out of your control. That's the point. Would I be upset if we don't get a call Of course I will. But we lost the opportunity to control our destiny when we lost this game, plain and simple.”
 Tim Coghlin - “The concern is you don't get the call, and you're not in the tournament. When you give up the things you can control and somebody else is in control, there are no guarantees.”
 Tim Coghlin - “He's one of those kids that (shoots) it from odd spots, but (it goes) crossbar and in. He's a goal scorer. He's capable of scoring goals in bunches. For the majority of this second semester what I've seen from Andy Cote is I've seen him every day with a smile on his face, moving his feet, and he wants to be on the ice. He wants to get double shifted that looks like a (player) to me that's hungry.”
 Tim Coghlin - “It just doesn't matter. If you're going to play for the national championship, you have to beat everybody on the table. And for us right now, this is a three-game series. If you start looking ahead, it will be a one-game series, and that's a fact.”