My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Cohl - “There has been talk that ticket prices for the smaller venues will skyrocket. The Stones had a fantastic time playing the arena shows, ... Playing arenas like Madison Square Garden reminded the band of how much they enjoyed that kind of intimacy with the audiences.”
 Michael Cohl - “The dollars are the dollars, we're charging just slightly more than we were charging last time (about 134). The fact that shocks the hell out of me is we went from 10 stadium shows up to 18 stadium shows. We went from doing 25,000-30,000 (people) a night in the stadiums to doing 40,000-50,000. That is incredible.”
 Michael Cohl - “Will the Stones' lawyers come knocking on the Q107's doors this morning No, ... But the morning after the next bootleg broadcast we might.”
 Michael Cohl - “We have received the deposit money from Hong Kong and the band's lawyers have a signed contract having concluded negotiations last week.”