My Favorite Quotes
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 John Colapinto - “I first saw it encapsulated in a New York Times, March 1997 front-page article, ... The (original sex change) had failed and there were interesting details about the child and his life, but there was not a tremendous amount of detail.”
 John Colapinto - “I was both excited and terrified, ... This was the ultimate dead-end. On the one hand, it would be great if I could find him - it would be the most remarkable story filled with human drama. Then I was thinking, 'I will never get it.' How do you get someone to talk about the most damaging emotional moments in their life”
 John Colapinto - “David thought people would be disgusted by him, ... but he was stopped on the streets of New York by people who said 'You have such courage for trying to stop this practice.' The positive feedback made him feel so good. He just blossomed because of this.”
 John Colapinto - “I was immediately fascinated, ... How did this child grow up and survive The article mentioned that this was then done to other children - this was a precedent-setting case. I was reaching for the phone when my editor called and said, 'Can you try and find this person'”