My Favorite Quotes
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 Thomas Colasanto - “None of these vehicles are abandoned. Many leave them here in the winter and then take them out during the season when they can use them. They pay us to store them here during the winter.”
 Thomas Colasanto - “We are not absentee mill owners enjoying fun in the sun in the Caribbean. We are here every day, in 5 degree weather, with all the issues that come with running a mill of this size, trying to make this work.”
 Thomas Colasanto - “I guess some of the neighbors may not be happy with us but no one has every actually come in and asked us to change anything and we never intentionally tried to upset anyone. This mill was here before the mill houses were built or before the people that live in them now were there so they knew who their neighbors were when they moved in.”
 Thomas Colasanto - “Practically everyone in the Valley worked at Victor at some point in its history so when it went out of business, it put a lot of people out of work. At that point, we had only a couple of choices and we chose to stay and develop it.”