My Favorite Quotes
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 Brenda Coldren - “The girls did a great job keeping the intensity up, and Darcy really stepped up this weekend. Going into the weekend we knew we needed to win at least one game, but they did a good job staying focused and earning the series win.”
 Brenda Coldren - “We talked after that (Illinois State series) to make sure that they really understood priorities on the conference race. We knew with Bradley coming in it was a team that we could compete against, and we just had to put the Illinois State games behind us.”
 Brenda Coldren - “I am very pleased with the fact the we was very consistent this weekend. We really saw a lot of people step up in different situations.”
 Brenda Coldren - “Anytime you win games and go into a weekend series it gives you a little bit of confidence. I think this is a good step for us to prepare for a solid weekend.”