My Favorite Quotes
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 Danton Cole - “He gives us good depth along the blue line. We didn't think a player of his caliber was going to be available. We knew him from our games (against Quad City).”
 Danton Cole - “We know what can happen when you don't come ready to play these teams. We're just making sure when we play (good games) against these teams that we come out on top.”
 Jim Cole - “We had a good mix of talent, but I was coming off coaching boys and in my first year as head coach. We probably should have won more games than we did.”
 Juan Cole - “A U.S. withdrawal would not cause the Sunnis suddenly to want to give up their major demands indeed, they might well be emboldened to hit the Shiites harder.”
 Jim Cole - “I wrote one of my songs completely out in the field. Another one I started in Alaska and finished in Yellowstone. Even though my books are out, I still consider myself an educator first. I want to give people a better understanding of grizzly bears.”
 Tom Cole - “If you look at some of the most successful people in history, at some point they all failed, but they didn't quit or give up.”
 Ashley Cole - “We just knew we wanted to give something back”
 Erik Cole - “We picked up the pace in the second and the third periods. We got down two goals but we battled back to tie it. Hopefully, that's a sign of good things to come.”
 Brian Cole - “We have a good team, but we want to show we're a good program , playing well every year. We're not there yet, but we're making progress.”
 Alan Cole - “I saw Keith there at the end so I guess he was pretty close. Charlie gives us real good stuff and I think we are running where we should be right now.”
 Andy Cole - “There is good depth to the squad and everyone can see what a quality player Wayne Rooney is,”
 David Cole - “It's on the cusp of strong growth and becoming a mainstream part of gaming.”
 Charles Cole - “She's deserving of all the recognition she's received. She's a hard worker who is always in shape, I hate to lose her.”
 Jim Cole - “He is a great kid, a caring kid and a kid with a big heart. He cares about his teammates more than a lot of kids, too, and they feed off of that. That is the type of leadership he shows.”
 Nat Cole - “I'm a musician at heart, I know I'm not really a singer. I couldn't compete with real singers. But I sing because the public buys it..”
 Joe Cole - “Its going to be a big game in Chelsea history.”
 John Cole - “We'll always support hockey,”
 David Cole - “There was the oil issue, a lot of different things going on with policy, safety, regulatory influence, but it was still a very profitable period for G.M.. If Hollywood were picking someone to play that role, Tom Murphy would have been it.”
 Joe Cole - “We want to win it at home. It will be a fantastic season with back-to-back titles which has not been done by Chelsea before.”
 Jim Cole - “This is just a tremendous honor for me because it indicates respect from your peers, but it especially reflects well on the team and all the work they put in this year. A coach is only as good as his players, and I had a great group.”
 Bill Cole - “It's really an honor to be elected by your peers. Looking back, 10-0 was a special season for all of my seniors -- and all of my players.”
 Jesse Cole - “We're in the toughest region. So it's going to be difficult for us. We're going to have to swim fast to get into the finals. We're just going to have to keep doing what we're doing and hope for the best.”
 Erik Cole - “I'd rather really not talk too much about it. All you can do is hope it doesn't get too many highlights and it doesn't get out there too much.”
 Ashley Cole - “The operation went well and I hope to be back in eight weeks,”
 David Cole - “It seems as if GM and Ford are in a real horse race to marry cars and technology,”

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