My Favorite Quotes
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 Loren Coleman - “Some individuals, some communities, are looking seriously at what this means for the future. But we need to raise the level of awareness. This is going to affect us all.”
 Chris Coleman - “I am glad he has tied his future to us, he forms an important part of my plans.”
 Gerald Coleman - “Wherever I end up I hope to be the No. 1 there because it would mean I would get a lot more games. You have to start somewhere. I just have to work hard and show them that down the road that I'll be ready sooner or later, hopefully, to come to Tampa.”
 Derek Coleman - “It was a tough game and we knew it would be a tough game. Central Connecticut State is one of the staple teams in our conference. You know they are always going to be one of the hardest games of the year. We're just glad we beat them.”
 Ruth Coleman - “This will be one of the large, large gems in the emerald necklace that we hope to create along the Los Angeles River.”
 Kelly Coleman - “I think we have so much to learn from our older generation.”
 Chris Coleman - “I have a little girl myself and I keep and eye out like a hawk for guys like that.”
 Vicki Coleman - “We'd give up three points and then we'd run three and then we'd run three and give up three. It went back-and-forth the whole way.”
 Cosey Coleman - “We're growing, and I think we'll be a good group. There's talent and pride. Nobody in that group wants to be the weakest link.”
 Mike Coleman - “One good rainstorm, things flush from his yard to my yard.”
 Bill Coleman - “Those targets are generally what everyone gets in a good year -- not a bad year, not a great year -- a good year.”
 Rod Coleman - “I just think we have a good feel for their system, ... He's a good, young quarterback. But any quarterback can get rattled. I can't say he got rattled. But we have a good feel for their system.”
 Peter Coleman - “The outlook is very good and Ben should be available for selection in three weeks.”
 Chris Coleman - “I am one charming guy. We said from the beginning that this race has national importance, both in terms of partnerships between the federal government and cities, and setting a tone for 2006.”
 Scott Coleman - “While we see limited downside to shares from here, an outlook based on a resumption of growth in the second half of fiscal 2006 raises concerns.”
 Michael Coleman - “The story played out first in oil, but it's the same story about underlying strong demand growth and finite capacity for supply side to react.”
 Steve Coleman - “Initially, Carriage Hill can handle the growth from Shadow Lake. However, Carriage Hill can't handle the growth of the entire development and a neighborhood school will have to be built in that development.”
 George Coleman - “I hate to see it get buried.”
 Dave Coleman - “I hate to see the funding cut, but it will probably be.”
 Gary Coleman - “They played with a lot of pride. They heard about all the star players on the North, and they went out there and played with a lot of heart.”
 Marissa Coleman - “We were making careless mistakes that were uncharacteristic of this team. Coach B said, 'Where's the team I've been coaching all year When are they going to show up' We took that to heart.”
 Terry Coleman - “Any penalty history or anything like that would not attach to us.”
 Dave Coleman - “Ain't a damn thing you can do but hope it don't rain.”
 Michael Coleman - “She's a great mare and the one we all have got to beat but this horse has a great turn of foot,”
 Chris Coleman - “I can see in the players that they have come back and got a little hunger for the ball because they have not seen it.”

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