My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Colgan - “There has been job growth. But it's not where we would like to see it.”
 Liz McColgan - “I have no idea where it came from because I didn't speak to a single journalist,”
 Ellyn McColgan - “We coupled that technology investment with dramatic pricing reductions, which have now basically run through the whole industry.”
 Charles Colgan - “The jobless recovery in Maine is much more of a reality than we thought it was.”
 Liz McColgan - “I have not been critical of Paula and I haven't spoken to anyone about the World Championships. Also, I would never call anybody stupid for attempting a double.”
 Charles Colgan - “We will still have activities going on and we still want people to come out.”
 Charles Colgan - “While there are a lot of people who are going to be selling or thinking about getting out, housing demand still remains high, and housing prices, particularly in coastal communities, are extremely high. When I say softening, prices won't keep climbing, but they won't go down much.”
 Liz McColgan - “The World Championships - with eight days between the 10,000m and marathon - offers a great opportunity to attempt the double,”
 Charles Colgan - “The bulk of the growth in coastal areas came about as a result of a wealthier society that has a very high taste for the ocean.”
 Liz McColgan - “No matter what way she runs it, whether she sits in or goes from the front at about half distance, I just can't see anybody beating her. She must have been sitting there this week feeling very confident and just looking forward to it.”
 Charles Colgan - “The discussion about the shipyard's really critical role in that area will highlight a lot of other issues of the southern Maine economy and make people much more aware of what they need to do to build a future.”
 Liz McColgan - “One of the Foster Report's recommendations was that a new steering group was formed with the chair of each home country represented on that,”
 Ellyn McColgan - “We expect continued growth in 2006 even though the market will be flattish. January is usually a very good month, but it's not clear at this point where growth will come from.”
 Ellyn McColgan - “We continue to make significant investments in our brokerage business to strengthen our overall offering and ensure Fidelity's retail and institutional brokerage customers have access to the technology, services and investment products they need to be successful.”
 Ellyn McColgan - “We add people as the business continues to grow, and we have growth plans for this year so you'll see us add more.”
 Ellyn McColgan - “We are pleased to establish an alliance with one of the top underwriters in the industry, and believe that access to the additional investment opportunities offered through this relationship will significantly benefit our customers.”
 Liz McColgan - “It is way too early, says McColgan, to be critical of Dave Collins, the former professor of physical education and sport performance at Edinburgh University, who took over as UK Athletics performance director in March. He's not someone I know personally and I don't know too much about his background, so I can't comment on him, ... but it's certainly too early to pass judgment.”
 Liz McColgan - “The role of chair is voluntary but the amount of time that's required is about to go up and that makes it quite difficult. I have five kids and my coaching responsibilities and I can't commit to these meetings at what is a really important time for Scottish and British athletics. Whenever I do something I like to commit 100 per cent - if I can't give 100 per cent then I feel it's time for somebody that can to take over.”
 Liz McColgan - “The fact that the meetings are in Birmingham is unfortunate but I know how important it is for Scottish Athletics to be represented at that level. I'm very confident that things are now going in the right direction in Scotland. There are exciting times ahead.”