My Favorite Quotes
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 Phil Colicchio - “Offensively, we were living and dieing with the jump shot. We were trying to figure out a way to get our big men more involved and it kind of evolved naturally in the second Plainfield game when Charles (Miller) was working real hard. Mohammad Wilkerson (6-6 junior) followed Charles' lead and those two have become forces in the paint on both ends of the floor ever since to give us a new look.”
 Phil Colicchio - “One of our goals is to always win the first three minutes of the third quarter. So what L.J. did for us gave us a big lift. I was all over him at halftime too.”
 Victor Colicchio - “This time I'm playing an Irish cop. It's a pretty big role.”
 Phil Colicchio - “The last time we played them, we were a totally different team. Ahmad Harris wasn't even playing, Charles Miller wasn't starting . . . our whole personnel and mind-set have changed drastically. But they're a better team too.”
 Phil Colicchio - “We thought we were quicker than they were and I thought we could wear them down. Defensively, we just had five kids coming at them the whole time. Offensively, Darrell is instant offense, L.J. stepped up tonight and I thought Charles Miller was outstanding.”
 Phil Colicchio - “We seem to be getting better with each game, if that's possible. It's not amazing me that we're winning, but the margin of victory. These kids seem to be on a mission.”
 Phil Colicchio - “That tip-in was big. That was probably his career-high (in scoring), too. It's been a different person every night for us somebody always seems to step up.”
 Phil Colicchio - “Without a doubt this is our best defensive team. We have nine kids who can defend. Our guards can stop you and we have big men who came step out and defend. That's been a constant all year.”
 Phil Colicchio - “He had to adjust to the speed of the game up (in North Jersey), particularly on defense. He is our best athlete on our team, and he had his ups and downs. He just didn't know how to deal with downs and ups at first.”
 Phil Colicchio - “I felt good at halftime because we played probably our worst half of the year and were still up five. Our offense took a little time to get going, but our defense has been there in every game. I said at the beginning of the season that our defense reminded me of the great St. Anthony teams, so I have confidence in our defense.”
 Phil Colicchio - “They're all lunch-pail kids. They come to practice and they play the games with little emotion. They just like to take care of business.”
 Phil Colicchio - “We set basketball back about 100 years in the first half. They shut down everything we tried to do and we shut down everything they tried to do. So in the second half, I played dumb. I told the kids to spread the floor, don't run any sets and just play basketball.”
 Phil Colicchio - “I know that if Doug invited us here, he has a good basketball team.”
 Phil Colicchio - “My son and Marty's son (assistant coach Marty Luc) come to every practice. My son Tommy is 9 and Marty's son L.J. is 7. They can't come on the court until their homework is done. Sometimes, when we have a late practice I'll walk into my office and our players will be helping them with their homework. When we went on a trip to Pennsylvania over the holidays, our players would play with the kids in the pool or take them to the mall. Most high school kids don't want to deal with that, but this group is special. My son's favorite basketball player of all time is Desmond Wade.”
 Phil Colicchio - “We're taking it one game at a time. Right now our focus is on Phillipsburg. We can't look ahead. Last year, we kept focusing on Irvington and when we got to the final, we ended up playing Bridgewater and got beat.”
 Phil Colicchio - “His best basketball is ahead of him. I'm intense and I yell, and I just think he had to get used to my tone. I tell him not to listen to my yelling, but to what I'm saying.”
 Victor Colicchio - “It's nice playing character actors. You can ride the subway and no one bothers you.”