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 Michael Driscoll - “It's going to have to reach a point sometime in the future when the earnings aren't going to justify the valuations of stocks,”
 Michael Driscoll - “The futures are down and that's got to be expected after the previous week's strong moves. But what's most impressive is that the market for all intents and purposes is hanging on to those gains.”
 Mark Driscoll - “The whole idea is to keep the game alive. There was give and take on both sides.”
 John Driscoll - “What we need to know is the complete package. We need to know that our next conductor is not only a top-notch professional musician, but also someone who has a good sense for concert programming, for understanding and working with the strengths and limitations of this orchestra, and all of that.”
 Brian O'Driscoll - “It's still wide open and there for the taking for the team that puts their hand up.”
 Brian O'Driscoll - “It's gone, OK I've got a little bit better and sharper with each game back. I hope with the Italy game I will step up to another level.”
 Elaine Driscoll - “We are looking into whether there were other incidents as well. Certainly if there are others who have information, we'd ask them to please come forward.”
 Michael Coll - “(The Bards) was the first real Irish-owned bar that opened up in the city. We're known for our Guinness, shepherd's pie, and bangers and mash.”
 Hugh McColl - “Without question, reading has been the foundation of whatever success I've had in my life.”
 Michael Driscoll - “Futures have a little stronger tone to them. You look at the averages and they look like they are approaching some support levels ... And don't throw out the fact that this is traditionally a good time for the markets.”
 Michael Driscoll - “It's going to be painful and it's going to be choppy but you have to take a longer time frame than day-to-day.”
 Mark Driscoll - “Ken truly has all the qualities of a great Aggie and a great Ram. Ken was an extremely active student during his time at CSU. Whether it was his highly successful sports career, various extracurricular activities, leadership in student government or his involvement in Silver Spruce, Ken took full advantage of his time here.”
 Brian O'Driscoll - “We got a good old rollicking at half-time but it was a real spirited display in the second half. Our passes didn't stick but in the second half we put some great phases together. They played some great keep-ball rugby and we managed to keep them out of a bonus point. But we know we'll have to up it 15 to 20 per cent next week.”
 Michael Driscoll - “Greenspan saying he's optimistic about an economic recovery is as positive as it gets. He may as well jump up and down on Times Square ringing a bell.”
 Brian O'Driscoll - “I think we pretty much dominated the breakdowns. Sure there were times when we got turned over and they got the upper hand, but I think for the most part we were superior.”
 Tom Driscoll - “I think our feeling was, yes, there had been a tragedy here, but there was as much we could do to redeem the house by putting together the loving household we tried to put together here.”
 DeWitt Driscoll - “My whole sophomore year, as a student and as an athlete, was horrible. I had no energy and I had a lot of problems focusing. I didn't do well in the classroom. I was having trouble on the mat.”
 Elaine Driscoll - “It would be inappropriate for the department and City Hall to comment on internal decisions made by Suffolk University.”
 Mike Driscoll - “A 70-degree weekend in November helps to dampen sentiment on energy stocks and it makes for a quietly better market. When the weather gets a little cooler, it changes people's psyches and they will warm up to energy stocks.”
 Michael Driscoll - “Strategists and traders said they anticipate a week or more of wild swings on Wall Street. The volatility that I expect to see over the coming weeks is going to be very sharp, very dramatic, ... You're going to have big, big moves in both directions, and like it or not, everybody's going to become a trader.”
 James Driscoll - “I played here last year in the cold and wind, and it was a nightmare.”
 James Driscoll - “I played here last year in the cold and wind, and it was a nightmare. I think I shot 80 the first round. It's nice to come out to the desert and get some warm air and no wind.”
 Brian O'Driscoll - “Clive was the man who had won a World Cup, he had the experience and I was there to back him up and get across what he wanted to do.”
 John Driscoll - “But it is also so exciting, because it allows us to really address the fundamental artistic direction of the orchestra for the coming years.”
 Hugh McColl - “To date, despite our many successes in individual businesses, we have not made the degree of progress we would like toward realizing that potential, ... We've assembled the right parts, but after years of additions, our resulting structure is neither as efficient nor as effective as it needs to be.”

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