My Favorite Quotes
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 Vassar College - “It's really, really inspiring to listen to these young people. They not only have an idealistic commitment, but an openness, even kindness, toward the community that I didn't expect.”
 Vassar College - “He brings a lot of experience and it's great to be working with him. He's going to help me adjust to being at Vassar because I know him,”
 Vassar College - “It's unbelievable to see what he's done and the value of a Vassar education, ... What this place does for you and what you can do after opens your eyes.”
 Vassar College - “Time and Transformation in 17th-century Dutch Art”
 Sargent College - “I feel it's my duty as a student to experience other cultures.”
 Sargent College - “The people at the event wanted to be there.”
 Sargent College - “It can get really frustrating. You want to just yell 'Just Eat' and try to help them, but sometimes it is hard to deal with it.”
 Sargent College - “If students have never been taught weightlifting and are just copying what other people are doing, they may hurt themselves.”
 Sargent College - “I feel like the whole university gets sick at once.”
 Sargent College - “Well, the flier distributors only got through the first door, so it doesn't really bother me. As long as they don't leave the second door open.”