My Favorite Quotes
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 Toni Collette - “Both of the girls learn about how the other lives, learning about how the other person is in their shoes. Also the journey they're both going on, even though it appears to be different, is very similar in that they're coming to learn how to be in their own shoes.”
 Toni Collette - “Sometimes it was so quiet, it's frightening. It really prioritizes things.”
 Toni Collette - “I'm glad that it was so physical and so isolated.”
 Toni Collette - “I learned a lot. I'm glad that I did it.”
 Toni Collette - “Cameron and I actually do wear the same size. It made it very easy for the wardrobe department.”
 Toni Collette - “Being in the desert was brilliant and it was hard.”
 Toni Collette - “It was inspirational and beautiful and my relief amongst telling this emotionally-charged film. But at the same time, it was so isolated.”
 Toni Collette - “I don't know. I think there's some kind of collective consciousness that gets out there and people kind of delve into the same areas at the same time.”
 Toni Collette - “I don't understand why I do what I do. I don't understand why I act anymore. But I do know that I love it, and that I find it really interesting and satisfying to enter into other worlds and explore different ways of thinking.”
 Toni Collette - “I was over the moon. I know it's just a job, but it's become one of a handful of filming experiences which has become somehow bigger and more important in my life.”
 Toni Collette - “As a human being, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. It's just that you're blown out of proportion in the media sometimes. Even if I weren't an actor, I'd still be active in things that are important to me.”
 Toni Collette - “We saw everybody you can think of. But Toni was always the one in my mind. I knew she could disappear into this part, make it fresh and, at the same time, make Rose endearing even while she's filled with self-loathing.”
 Toni Collette - “We were just covered in dirt the whole time. It was so hot - and that was in winter. I can not imagine what it's like in summer and how the people who actually live out there survive.”
 Toni Collette - “I think that the Japanese culture is one of the very few cultures left that is its own entity. They're just so traditional and so specific in their ways. It's kind of untouched, it's not Americanized.”
 Toni Collette - “When I go to see a movie, if I can't engage emotionally then it doesn't affect me and I can't get anything out of it. When you look at a movie that doesn't reflect your reality time after time, eventually you're going to get tired and pick up a book.”
 Toni Collette - “We grew closer than actors usually do with co-stars - at least female co-stars.”