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 Nick Collison - “Things weren't going so well before, so this gives you a little bit of fresh air. It's kind of like a new season, even though we've already said that once this year. But it is again and we only have 25 games left, so we're trying to push out and get a good feeling about our team.”
 Darren Collison - “It doesn't matter. When we first came into the tournament, no one realized what we could do. By the end of the day when you win games and get here, it doesn't really matter.”
 Nick Collison - “I think the first half was a little bit of fools' gold for us. Ray was unconscious. Against a good team, it isn't always going to be like that. Second half, they played much better and we struggled.”
 Christina Collison - “Jamie was wearing bangs. The biggest impact I've had on this team is Jamie's hair.”
 Christina Collison - “I'm usually not an emotional person, but that time I couldn't help it. It was such a special moment. I was overcome.”
 Nick Collison - “It was good tonight. We'll try to be good tomorrow in practice and get ready for the game Friday.”
 Nick Collison - “If you give a kid pizza, he might want a different kind of pizza. It might get worse.”
 Darren Collison - “It feels like we're being overlooked. We haven't got the recognition all year.”
 Nick Collison - “I feel like I can play either way. I like it when we're winning. Whatever the team needs. As long as I get an opportunity to play, I'm not too concerned with it.”
 Nick Collison - “This isn't football. You don't have to be the best team all season. In the tournament, it's one night.”
 Darren Collison - “He was a monster down there.”
 Christina Collison - “I probably wasn't going to do it. Bolden said, 'You need to make a post move and go to the basket.' I just went for it.”
 Nick Collison - “I think we had a little bit of fool's gold in the first half. In the second half, they got stops and it started to make it harder on us. We couldn't get anything going and inside they just beat us up.”
 Darren Collison - “At the beginning of the season, we didn't know how good we'd be. But as we got closer (as a team), I think we were all saying this team is special. We can make big things happen.”
 Darren Collison - “This loss hurts. We're going to remember this feeling, and it's going to stay in the back of our heads. We'll definitely be back.”
 Nick Collison - “They just wore us down. Our play in the first half was a little bit of fool's gold. Ray Allen was unconscious, and we shot 60 percent. The second half, they played much better and we struggled.”
 Christina Collison - “I never stopped wanting to play. I never got complacent because I wasn't playing. I kept working hard in practice. I understood that with a team that's so successful, there has to be a player like me on the team.”
 Darren Collison - “We just made too many mistakes on defense. We broke down a lot with our help. But they knew what they were doing. And Noah was a monster inside. Both big guys, they were just going after everything.”
 Darren Collison - “We got exposed on defense. Guards were just going right around us, like we weren't even trying. That was frustrating to us.”
 Darren Collison - “They didn't know what we could bring to the table, especially on defense. That defensive intensity I don't think a lot of teams know how strong this team is going to be on defense. ... I think they were a little bit frustrated and confused.”
 Darren Collison - “That's what has caused us to win games. If the offense isn't working, we can turn it over and rely on defense.”
 Nick Collison - “In the second half we kind of dug ourselves into a hole it wasn't a deep hole but it was enough. Our play early was so bad that we weren't able to win the game.”
 Christina Collison - “Right before I scored, I got a pep talk on the floor from (Minnesota forward Shannon) Bolden. She was telling me I needed to make a post move. The crowd was telling me what to do, too.”
 Darren Collison - “We weren't under control. Offensively or defensively.”
 Nick Collison - “He's played great. He's fun to watch and our team has played a lot better with him in the lineup. For me, I'm just trying to get back and play as well as I can when I'm in there and see how it shakes out. There is that part where you think about the future, but in the NBA there are a lot of good players. All you can control is your play while you're out there.”

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