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 Bartolo Colon - “I can't blame whoever is putting the signs down. I am the one throwing the bad pitches it is not his fault.”
 Bartolo Colon - “It's been four days of pain in my back. I knew I could get through the fifth, but it felt worse the longer I was in the game. Right now it is very tight. It would be very tough to give you an answer if I'm going to miss my next start.”
 Bartolo Colon - “When I was just a year old, my dad was always talking about Nolan Ryan, ... He is my favorite player of all time, so it is a very special feeling to do it as an Angel.”
 Bartolo Colon - “It would mean a lot, especially to my family, to the Angel fans and to my country, ... It would be a real honor to have it and to win it. This is not the time to hide anymore. It's out there.”
 Bartolo Colon - “I was afraid of not coming through for my people, and now I'm really happy to have contributed to the baseball glory of my country.”
 Bartolo Colon - “It doesn't take away the pain I felt, the sour taste in my mouth about how the season ended. This is a great accomplishment but I still wanted us to go further as a team. We were all thinking about going to win the World Series.”
 Bartolo Colon - “This doesn't take away the pain that I felt and the sour taste in my mouth about the way the season ended, ... This is a great accomplishment, but we wanted to go a little further.”

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