My Favorite Quotes
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 Patrick Comack - “This rally will probably be short-lived. I still think there's a lot of risk in this sector. Growth is still slow so investors should be wary of jumping in to the stocks.”
 Pat Comack - “The fact that they can double their voice capacity is a claim you're not hearing much from other carriers.”
 Pat Comack - “They have established a very good brand, but is it worth any money”
 Pat Comack - “The fact that ATT is selling at 2,500 means these subscribers are in the outskirts or ATT needs the money.”
 Pat Comack - “I would love to see ATT break up. It's a great move and would create value for the shareholders.”
 Patrick Comack - “SBC can't fight back with long distance.”
 Patrick Comack - “It only took three long distance companies to drastically drive down long-distance prices.”
 Pat Comack - “This is a major disappointment.”
 Patrick Comack - “They are doing whatever it takes to get it done. The employees should be appreciative. Without these moves, their days would be numbered. They would have had a declining cash cow, a non-growth company forever. Now they have a chance to grow. (Management has) transformed it into a new company.”
 Patrick Comack - “It's hard to figure out what PE multiple to put on a company when you think earnings are going to decline forever.”
 Patrick Comack - “Investors don't give a hoot about what's going on (with legal issues). As a sideshow, it's kind of interesting, but this has pretty much played out in the investment community.”
 Pat Comack - “If the margins are not improved at ATT Broadband then there is more justification for Comcast to say they can run the business better.”
 Patrick Comack - “The declines in that (long distance) business are much sharper than expected, especially in the consumer area. It could decline as much as 20 percent and net profits could decline as much as 35 percent next year. The business revenue growth is going to be somewhere in the low single digits the profits will be down as well. The positive thing that came out today is the break-up. I think that will create value. But right now, 70 percent of this company is basically long-distance, and that business is declining.”