My Favorite Quotes
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 Sean Comber - “It is difficult to see the New Zealand dollar stage any kind of sustainable rally. Data is likely to portray softer growth than the Reserve Bank's projections.”
 Marty McOmber - “These changes are vital to reshaping our downtown to handle growth and create vibrant urban neighborhoods in our center city.”
 Marty McOmber - “All the council has to do is go to the appropriate department head to provide the information. Or they can ask the mayor's office for the information. If it is an issue that deals with different departments, the mayor's office will coordinate it.”
 Mari Macomber - “We have talked quite a bit about trying to do things more efficiently, and a charter would allow us to improve the way we do things.”
 Sean Comber - “Any sign of softening will see markets bring forward expectations of rate cuts. Tough talk on interest rates may provide further opportunities to sell New Zealand dollars.”
 Sean Comber - “U.S. dollar weakness will see the New Zealand dollar test higher levels. With the prospect of less support from interest rates, the U.S. dollar fell across the board.”
 Sean Comber - “The labor market data is expected to record some deterioration. This will keep the New Zealand dollar on the defensive.”
 Marty McOmber - “We think the consultants' report endorsed our vision of what to do with downtown.”
 Sean Comber - “Yield demand for the New Zealand dollar appears to remain unquenched.”
 Sean Comber - “The yield differential story is going to continue to be there. The Fed is getting closer to the end of their tightening cycle.”
 Marty McOmber - “There is no such thing as free parking, especially in a city that's growing. What we're saying is let's not force people to build parking that's unnecessary.”
 Mari Macomber - “If we can get people who can get from point A to point B more conveniently, it will just be better.”
 Marty McOmber - “The parks department did an exhaustive search for a waterfront location, and Gas Works is a great opportunity. It is a spectacular regional park with a view of the skyline and the water.”
 Marty McOmber - “Not only does music have a strong cultural impact, but it has a significant economic impact. The map is another way to really celebrate that we have a really rich musical heritage.”
 Marty McOmber - “The mayor's a big music fan, everything from swing to Neil Young and lots of stuff in between. Music's definitely a big part of his life. He really recognizes the value the music industry brings to the city.”
 Marty McOmber - “We really don't see that it will have much of an impact, primarily because we have always responded to every request for information from the City Council. That has always been our policy and will be our policy.”
 Marty McOmber - “The decision made on Friday came too late.”
 Marty McOmber - “The mayor's position is simple. It's too late. The city has lost all confidence in the board.”
 Mari Macomber - “The city is part of the county. There are ways that we can partner together to help not just the elected officials, but help the whole community.”
 Mari Macomber - “Those would be two examples where the city, if we wanted to do something different to meet our local community needs we could do that with a charter.”
 Marty McOmber - “He sees the Metro bus-service proposal as a common-sense, cost-saving measure for the school district.”
 Sean Comber - “The sticking point for the Reserve Bank is still inflation. It is likely to be September before the bank is comfortable that pressures have dissipated enough.”
 Marty McOmber - “We're proposing a larger area for the alcohol impact area in Pioneer Square.”
 Susan McOmber - “A woman can learn a lot from holding a new baby. It is life beginning againsweet possibilities No problem in the world is big enough to be remembered.”
 Susan McOmber - “God does notice us and watch over us, but it is usually through someone else that he meets our needs.”