My Favorite Quotes
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 Red McCombs - “It's unfortunate that it took these circumstance to get these games over here, but it will show San Antonio is ready for a team.”
 Red McCombs - “If you're married to a girl and have another one stashed, I think you'd be thinking a lot about that other one ... Not that I've ever done that.”
 Red McCombs - “I don't see how we would want to give up a player like that.”
 Bob Combs - “We aspire to stage the best golf tournament in the world. We think we're at an elite level already. But we think we can get better ... this is one of the most ambitious things that's ever happened.”
 Beth Combs - “Wow. We just got a good old-fashioned butt-kicking.”
 Kayli Combs - “They don't really have a huge player, but they are big at every position. Even their guards are good size.”
 Roberta Combs - “Homosexuality clearly is an alternative lifestyle. We stand with and support Senator Santorum.”
 Holly Combs - “I have no interest in a guy who doesn't know the right end of a screwdriver”
 Jeffrey Combs - “It's just stories around the campfire.”
 Jeffrey Combs - “I always try to make my characters people, and yet I always want to entertain.”
 Red McCombs - “After mistakenly selecting the reclusive running back -- I thought he was Cadillac Williams , ... I know Ricky has his issues, but it's not like he lied on his resume or scalped Super Bowl tickets.”
 Bob Combs - “We spend a lot of time talking to our tournaments about the need to upgrade what they do. Yet we're the marquee event, and if we're going to urge others to keep raising the standard, we have to show them what it is.”
 Red McCombs - “and at that time we'll sit down and discuss whether or not Mike wants to work out an extension. If he loses the rest of his games, I'm still going to exercise the option. Mike is going to stay with me as long as he wants to.”
 Larry Combs - “This event created a complete blackout of high-frequency communications on the day-lit side of Earth, which included the entire U.S. and basically anywhere the sun was shining at this time. Communications used by emergency services along the Gulf Coast may have experienced problems due to this flare. Low-frequency navigation systems may also have experienced a period of significant degradation.”
 Candace Combs - “The more I learned, the more I became broadly talented, and that worked to my advantage over time.”
 Bob Combs - “We do believe we will be able to secure title sponsorship for the event when it moves to the fall.”
 Red McCombs - “You embarrassed me and your fans out there today.”
 Beth Combs - “We got a good, old-fashioned butt-kicking. We didn't shoot well, didn't defend well. We took a step back today that I'm not really happy with.”
 Red McCombs - “I don't see them as an obstacle. I see them as a plus, ... I know that can change. And he doesn't always prevail. You've got to get 23 votes, and Mr. Tagliabue doesn't vote.”
 Eric Combs - “I think maybe there were two walk-ons last year who were juniors or above.”
 Eric Combs - “We got a ton of stuff. It's a little bit faster pace out there but I loved the weather. The whole thing was an awesome experience, just a lot of fun.”
 Candace Combs - “Times have changed. The world has changed around us. It's a lot more acceptable.”
 Gene McCombs - “We moved from a mill town to a world-class biotech hub.”
 Eric Combs - “I probably took in about 1,000 worth of stuff, from what the bowls can give you and what the school can give you under NCAA guidelines.”
 Jeffrey Combs - “Writing has never been a driving force within me.”

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