My Favorite Quotes
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 Mallory Comeaux - “At first I was shy. Now, I call her friends all the time.”
 Mallory Comeaux - “I always imagined spending my senior year with my friends that I have been in school with for the last three years. To walk out of your life and walk into a new life is very hard. This was a big experience to happen within three months of my life. ... I feel like I've done so much, so much has changed.”
 Gregory Comeaux - “We've really never been a perk company.”
 Gregory Comeaux - “Individual performancecompany performance is linked closely to shareholder return.”
 Amie Comeaux - “Some things are meant to happenSome things are bound to beLove has a way of making doubting hearts believe.”
 Amie Comeaux - “When you smile at meYou take me to a world I never thought I'd seeYour eyes can touch my soulAnd fill me with a hunger only you can feedWhen you smile at me.”
 Amie Comeaux - “I'm moving outMe and my best friend Louise got it all figured outShe's got the car and I've got the stereoI'm saving my dollars that used to be dimesGetting ready, ready for the timeThat this girl's gonna move out.”
 Amie Comeaux - “One step from a heartacheTwo steps from the bluesSo close to a teardropI know what you were gonna doBut I'm one step ahead of you.”
 Amie Comeaux - “Sometimes in spite of differenceSometimes against all oddsSome things are meant to happenIt's written in the stars.”