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 Ruth Comer - “We're seeing the greatest growth in wines and imported beers, but all categories appear to be growing for us.”
 Rick Comer - “I've never seen O'Dea click like they clicked today against us. They played like champions, and we just came up a little bit short today a lot short, actually.”
 Rick Comer - “There were significantly more kids there today, which was nice to see.”
 Rick Comer - “I've never seen O'Dea click like they clicked today against us. They played like champions, and we just came up a little bit short today a lot short, actually.”
 Carrie Newcomer - “It's been a wonderful way to talk about a lot of different human experiences and issues. I'm very much a storyteller.”
 Eunice Newcomer - “When you put it down in writing and sign it it's a very final thing for some people.”
 Krista Comer - “It was between people who have different visions of how to lead a Christian life. Some people thought it was funny, and other people thought it was sacrilegious.”
 Krista Comer - “People came to speak with us one-on-one and then there were group e-mails. There got to be what we considered a large enough number to be in need of a meeting, because there were too many to field one-on-one.”
 Carrie Newcomer - “I play churches and I play bars and I don't change my show. There's a spiritual current in my work because there's a spiritual current in my life. That puts me in a folk category instead of pop, but I don't censor myself. My music is very inclusive and progressive.”
 Rick Comer - “Clover Park is a solid team. We're like mirror images of each other. We knew we needed to play a solid game to win.”
 Rick Comer - “That's Shawn, his leadership is outstanding. He took it upon himself to make those shots. He put the team on his back.”
 Carrie Newcomer - “I love to return to places where I've had good experiences. I enjoyed coming to Murray State, and I'm glad to come back.”
 Rick Comer - “This hurts. It hurts deep.”
 Eunice Newcomer - “I know dying has got to be a process that no one really wants to go through but it's just not fair for the survivors to have to make this decision.”
 Eunice Newcomer - “The hardest thing I've ever done in my life was when I had to make this decision to end someone's life.”
 Eunice Newcomer - “The doctors did tell my husband that he was in the throws the beginning of his death.”
 Ruth Comer - “Part of (the demand for higher-cost products) has been fueled by the Food Network and cooking shows that use more exotic ingredients. A lot of items that were once considered specialty are now considered mainstream. Many are now staples in our produce section.”
 Rick Comer - “They came out with an excellent game plan, spacing the floor out which offset a lot of our pressure. Our kids knew what was coming. We just failed to be consistent about being where the ball was.”
 Ruth Comer - “More competition in the market generally leads to better prices for consumers.”
 Ruth Comer - “It gives people a little peace of mind that they can wipe off their cart handle, especially if they have children who tend to stick their fingers in their mouth.”
 Eunice Newcomer - “People really need to take care of this themselves because it's sad to have to make that decision.”
 Rick Comer - “It really doesn't matter to them who scores. They don't care. Whoever's at the end of that pass, they know how to finish.”
 Rick Comer - “On that fast break they look for each other to make that extra pass. They've been together for a long time, so it doesn't matter who scores. They don't really care. Whoever is there for that pass that leads to the bucket, gets it.”
 Krista Comer - “We explicitly asked people not to submit divisive themes at cabinet.”
 Krista Comer - “It was not in the spirit of community. We'll be working with the Beer-Bike coordinators to straighten things out.”

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