My Favorite Quotes
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 Mary Comerio - “Will the new population demand that the cultural feel of the French Quarter, the Garden District and the rest stay the same ... Or will they be OK with a lot of new shopping malls taking over Who knows”
 Mary Comerio - “Louisiana has never been known for having its act together ... but here We have a damn good state Office of Emergency Services program and great local emergency offices, and I would trust them,”
 Mary Comerio - “Even though you can improve the technology and the building techniques, you're still going to have more people in harm's way.”
 Mary Comerio - “We often need events like this to change the mindset. And it's very hard to stop private investors and entrepreneurs from seeking opportunity. It's an amazing part of the American spirit.”
 Mary Comerio - “A new federal agency dealing with housing assistance will get in the way and slow it down, ... Disaster Hits Home New Policy for Urban Housing Recovery.”
 Mary Comerio - “All the past (major U.S.) disasters, they have hit suburban areas, not the central urban areas of major cities.”
 Mary Comerio - “That's a tough issue. It is a real concern for those of us in the research community. On the other hand, you have the reality of people in need.”