My Favorite Quotes
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 Karla Comfort - “They salute the boys, and my tears start flowing.”
 Karla Comfort - “I still feel he's coming home, it's so hard to grasp.”
 Karla Comfort - “That was the only reason. You wake up every day and find a reason to go on. My reason is I have kids.”
 Karla Comfort - “My favorite part is the scene from heaven.”
 Mark Comfort - “This was a good win for us. Brittany hit the ball really hard, and a couple of our other girls came through when we needed them to in clutch situations.”
 Mark Comfort - “The girls are coming together as a family, playing with one heart beat right now.”
 Mark Comfort - “We're hitting the ball solid. We've been hitting the ball solid for the last couple of games. The bats answered the call tonight.”
 Mark Comfort - “We're starting to hit the ball a little better and that's good. We got some good experience and some good at-bats and that's what we needed.”
 Mark Comfort - “We're hitting the ball really well right now.”
 Mark Comfort - “Those girls would have played Saturday, but with all the rain Friday night and Saturday morning we canceled the game by mid-morning. I'm pleased with our progress thus far. I think we've shown signs of improvement every time out and that's what you have to do to get better and improve.”
 Mark Comfort - “We should be able to get in some games the next few days and that will be good for us.”
 Mark Comfort - “The early part of the season we will have several young players playing quite a bit.”
 Mark Comfort - “I hoping I'll catch her today and she'll sign it. Nice way to start the weekend.”
 Lady Comfort - “We have a pretty close family. Derrick came to one of my Temple games, which was great.”
 Lady Comfort - “I got into a little foul trouble, and we, as a team, missed some shots. They came out with energy and kept it up.”
 Lady Comfort - “I'm upset that we lost, but I thought it was a great year. We got beat by a good team that played great. Overall, I think we had a great year. We beat a lot of good teams.”
 Mark Comfort - “We needed to produce early, and that happened. They've worked their tails off, and it's showing. The biggest thing is they are tight. There's a lot of unity and love with this group, and they believe in one another.”
 Alex Comfort - “An erection at will is the moral equivalent of a valid credit card.”
 Alex Comfort - “The window fine on these can be anywhere as high as 307. That fine is assed by a municipal court, so the people will have a chance to go up and talk to a judge, plead their case,”
 Mark Comfort - “We're excited about the start of a new season. I think it has some promise, but we know we have some work to do.”
 Lady Comfort - “Coach (Staley) told me I had to lose a lot of weight. I tried to get in shape. I think I was hurt because of my weight.”
 Mark Comfort - “We needed the win against Center and we need the same type of intensity we played with then tonight against Tatum.”
 Lady Comfort - “I want to keep it going. I feel like I've been more a part of things this season.”
 Alex Comfort - “A women's greatest asset is her beauty.”
 Alex Comfort - “There are only two guidelines in good sex, Don't do anything you don't really enjoy and find out what are your partner needs and dont balk them if you can help it.”

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